Zig Zag vs. S.P.A.D.E lyrics


...Okay, y'all can make misconceptions, b-but what's this all about?
Is this all for the clout? Like- like, what are you doin'?
Is it for the paper?
'Cause after you introduce your body of work, well, that's the conclusion
I'll even ask your recruiter
Like, "Aye, has your pick even gathered a blueprint that can hatch into a massive influence
Which is 'actively act and imagine blastin' the two fif's'?"
See, it's a fact!
There's a difference in the acts that we cool with
'Cause while you were workin' on your performance, I was practicin' a actual movement
I actually do this
That's why most of y'all had three mon- three MONTHS!? -to get it right!
I had to manage one
But see, I'm far from average, son
Y'all still gon' get that late work like 3rd shift
But is 90 seconds enough for this nerd sh*t?
Well, of course it's time
I just have to pull strings and waste (waist) little-
See, it's all games, and I learned tricks
The material's all contained to a firm fit
See, I figure I should worry about the hourglass since y'all gave us such a small frame to work with
Work, b*t*h

[Zig Zag]
Yeah, I might walk down wit' a .9 and stretch him
Put a hole the size of a cave inside your chest
Stocked, I'm a prime investor
It's hard to find this guy
You won't hear a thing, like...like Tay Roc chain in a diamond tester!
I'm from a different era!
But I ain't that old-school n***a that preach it
No, fool, I will put hands on you
I'm that old-school n***a that teach it
Peep how a old man speakin'
You already know how a grown man think
sh*t broke down, I gotta use my arm to get up
I got old-man knees
They both strapped up!
BOW! Clap that
(*gasp, gasp*) Both lungs collapsed at once
I could tell you about the past like, "You ain't seen what this old man seen!"
Is you f**kin' crazy!?
See, I can also pull strings: I got puppets, baby
But I'd rather beat arms wit' the stick, while I'm makin' a move like Muppet Babies!
For that Cash Money, it'll be G's (BG) on ya head if you ever play me
And I'll tell him, "Put one in ya arm", but he at ya Navy
Gimme my f**kIN' MONEY!

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