Math Hoffa vs. Snake Eyez lyrics


[Round 1: Snake Eyez]
f**k the coin! I'm goin' first
Let's go, I'm goin' first
Y'all ready?
I said, y'all n***as think I give a f**k about them faceoffs?
Talkin' 'bout b*t*hes I popped or how I live wit' my pops?
You coulda got less anger
f**k your NYB army
I'm your death-claimer, lead-banger
'Cause no matter how you suited, you still die: Craig Sager
Nobody gave a f**k about you, Hoffa
Gimme dumb cred
As far as URL, you were slumped dead
f**k what you once said
I won that poll wit' Hollow, Clips, and Mook
That's how we bumped heads
So I'm the reason you on this Cam', cousin
But now I ain't stoppin' 'til it's Bloodshed!
I watched Showoff and K whip yo' ass
And you elite? Stop
You had your time, moment to shine
Let the young G's rock
Yo' last battle, you was fumblin' all over the place, but you let heat c*ck!?
"Headshot" what? You couldn't even aim at T-Top!
You 40, still tryna thug in battles
Wearin' "Pac Juice", embarrassin' 'Pac name with such apparel
Brand-new pump, I'll f**k up your features if I dump it at you
Meanin' I'll show you a different Method, Man, wit' this 'Double Barrel'!
The last time you jotted anything that we considered hot
Came at Double Impact when Cortez f**ked up the Milly Rock
The steel'll pop, then dish it off
Am I bein' direct? I ain't for the flexin'
Cable cord 'round his neck...we see sh*t from different sides of the Spectrum
Your b*t*h, you won't have Time to warn her (Warner)
I'll find out where she work at all over your dirt, Math
It's f**ked up when your b*t*h get rocked, and she don't deserve that
And you get that call
Kyrie Irving: it got your Earth flat
I been doin' this, it's not pretend
I'm a boss, I don't follow trends
I'll reach for the ankle like I did Mack - you tryna copy him!?
We could not be friends!
Slip on a mask, grab a gun
Cal' in his face like, "Do you remember Summer Madness 1?"
Tragic, son!
I told him "Jump" if he feel edgy
Before URL the Champions League, I was in the field ready
Mill' heavy
Big blade to his liver pool (Liverpool), or the shotta leave his top lyin' ill, messy (Lionel Messi)
Every n***a get it the same
f**k the Fancy talk, I'm wit' all action
Big pole, longer than the neck on Braxton!
I don't care if you at a family function, the whole room get steamed
And what's the Aunt Helen husband name?
I even brought somethin' for your Junior, King!
But let him tell it, you on the block wit' the killas
Solidified your spot wit' gorillas
'Til some shells flyin' at ya
Everybody a animal from the safari 'til they get held at gunpoint, then they cryin' after
I'll let you choose how it go
It's on you - hell, I know you too well
Tranny-lover, Bonnie used to hit your pockets for the new nails
Pop a few shells
But you b*t*h-made, you'll run from the hammer: Juelz
sh*t changed, Justin! You a father, in fact!
Nigel was your man, now it's "f**k him" in the interview
How you for honorin' that?
Rest in Peace to P80
I give the fans that feel like Arty is back
You the best in the crew? Steppin' to who?
I don't eat pu**y, but I'll make an exception for you!
pu**y! You been b*t*h!
Is you retarded, Math!? I'll leave your wig split!
But since you brokenhearted, I got a Hollow you could reminisce wit'!
I bang on him!
I gotta sic Juice
Nah, I gotta split Juice
You call yourself "Madara Uchi-Hoff"? Well, I'm Hashirama Senju
Why would they send you!?
I need that old Math wit' the durag
"I did a lot for you n***as"
The "pop, pop", the "dot-dot-dot for you n***as"
But it wouldn't matter - still gon' be the total opposite, n***a
Rip Hamilton: I keep the mask when I don't need the sh*t, but ain't no tellin' when I'mma rob me a n***a
So what you wanna do?
You ain't got bars like that
You got the trashest style, you smoke Black & Milds
You hold the cigar like that
(*Snake Eyez imitates holding a cigar up to his mouth in between his index and middle fingers*)
So y'all try not to fall as-
Nah, f**k that, I been wit' it
I framed your casket, now it's time to get in it
Trailer to the middle of nowhere, pull a big Biscuit
Came from the Darkside: n***as thought Brizz did it
Factz Gang, n***a
Round 1, man

[Round 1: Math Hoffa]
Right now this n***a's like, "Finally...Daddy's spendin' time with me."
Yo, DNA!
"PG Killer"? That sound like a hot job, n***a
But we all know a hammer went upside a homie head last time I was this close to a Dot Mobb n***a
But you know what? You know what?
I ain't gon' dig up my past wit' Mook 'cause we been movin' further
So nowadays, it's daps for your boss, but n***a, you'se a worker
So if this n***a get outta line, will I use the burner?
What, y'all ain't hear my last three bars?
n***a, I'm cool wit' murder (Murda)
And he said he know you from a basketball game
You can't even hit son phone
You screamin' "Dot Mobb" every battle, but we don't ever see none shown
Did your set even condone?
I guess you that G.I. Joe Snake Eyes
'Cause even to your team, your identity's unknown!
You dumb clone...
But congrats, you made a big leap, j*rk
You went from Mack Mel to me...and they still ain't give me Surf
But you stole a bar from me in your last joint
So how you gon' get me murked?
Oh, I get it - this Snake wanna kill me, so he bit me first
Alright, well, I got two hammers
They spit rounds like this b*t*h rehearsed
The Glock-19 off top'll spit a Big T verse
"Chillaka-boo! Boo-blaka!"
But the .4 is a hitter
If this Snake try to flex, one 'bow'll constrict ya (boa constrictor)
Yo, two shots to the chest
That's what happen when me and these frauds meet
The third shot'll take your Top off quick like R Streetz
You in the Danja Zone, n***a
On the SPOT! On the SPOT!
I'mma bark on this lil' dirty n***a ALL NIGHT!
Your best try? Like your left eye
n***a, you was dead ON SITE (SIGHT)!
Look at me, King!
You came out here to earn some respect?
You wanna impress me? Look to the left without turning your neck

[Snake Eyez]
You just lost!
You just lost!
You're f**kin' trash! You just lost!

[Math Hoffa]
Yo, yo, come on, don't talk during my round, bro
I ain't do that to you

Yo, but we in N.C....
What up, y'all!?
This sh*t is great for the game
They put us on the same flight - he should be grateful I changed
'Cause like Samuel L., I brought some sh*t that they ain't take when I came
So you here and (hearin') all these mothaf**kas know I coulda killed this Snake on a Plane
This gon' be a clear loss
You from Harlem, so let me share thoughts
And drop some jewels (Juelz)
You shoulda never hit the airport
Smack, this is wrong
This ain't have to be that way
You brought us on a rap tour (Raptor) to see Vince and T-Mac play?
This n***a caught a felony
In my mind, I could see that day
It ain't right how the cops pulled up...'cause he could see that way
But this is where the laughin' stops
You wanna die? I'll swing past ya block
I see you on the stoop wit' ya sister, then I grab the Glock
Hop out, burn your sis - befo' yo' ass gets shot
You and your eye'll take off jettin' like this was Ragnarok
You ain't have your hammer, so yo' ass was shot
My pullout game got way better
This ain't the same Math that battled Top
This not fair, I feel like I'm beatin' on a man again
I told NuNu she could get the Snake...she ain't understand again
But let's shed his skin
Your real name is Christopher Key
Somebody tell this kid book, or catch a big cap: I'm Mr. Magee
He could catch one in his back, or I'm clippin' his knees
That's how you turn a Christopher walkin' (Walken) into Christopher Reeve!
This sh*t is a breeze!
You ain't got enough to budge me, n***a
My flow? Plastic surgery
That mean I go in ugly, n***a
In battle rap, I'm a God
There's none above me, n***a
I'll raise these two arms and have 'em kickin' like a musty n***a!
All these sophomore n***as-
MUSTY n***A!
All these sophomores? Smack, you need to cut these n***as!
Tay Roc voice in GunTitles: "Man, f**k these n***as!
f**k these n***as!
f**k these n***as!"
Ayo, I heard Tay Roc battling Goodz...what's that match about?
Gun bars? n***a, I got the goods that Roc rap about
For all you n***as duckin', keep duckin' me on this battle route
I'm your iPhone screen lock
Leave me alone...I'm BLACKIN' OUT!

[Round 2: Snake Eyez]
(*Snake Eyez says the first two bars in a sing-song voice*)
I remember Gully vs. 'Ganik!
"f**k Hollow! f**k Hollow!" You always rantin'!
Gene Deal voice, I'm watchin' like, "This old n***a reachin', bruh."
All of a sudden, you back happy wit' them n***as that was laughin' when the Grapes beat you up?
I knew you was a clown, n***a
Don't get mad at me
I'll make sure inside it hurts
You got that bag? I'll make your b*t*h show me where you hide it first
Yeah...then I'll pull up to the crib right after you tell her "Bye" for work
But I don't really want that b*t*h, 'cause after I pop, you gon' still love her
So I'm gon' hit and disappear wit' the bands same way they did Roxanne mother
f**k is up wit' him?
You know who you up against?
I remember sellin' weed in high school, I was buggin' then
f**k Math - I was cuttin' gym
I'm talkin' soon as we hit the hallway, I showed the pack like Bugs in Above The Rim
You got no house, no Benz, 50 battles
n***a, you been wildin'
Up here wit' all that Wasted Talent
n***a, you shoulda been on Jim's album!
I stay ready, so I ain't gotta get ready
This sh*t I seen comin'
Big blade, I run up like "What's the mean-muggin'?"
Code word "Sparta"
Y'all don't think it mean nothin'!
That buck-fifty on his face!? I'll make it 300!
n***a! I'm consistent!
I had to take my respect!
But I was on the ave, and guess who I ran into? This n***a Jamaican connect
I was like, "Gwan-gwan!"
He was like, "Gwan-gwan, bredren! You'se a tough shotta, tough shotta."
Said, "I apppreciate that. You seen that n***a Math-"
He's like, "f**k HOFFA! f**k HOFFA!
He never paid me, he don't pay sh*t
He never paid me, it don't make sen-
f**k HOFFA!"
But it all makes sense
You took obvious L's
This is the perfect example of a n***a that used to be popular, then failed
And my n***a even f**ked wit' you
Wanted to cop some merchandise

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