Souls of Mischief

"93 Til Infinity"

It's like they don’t know the half of if
Rap got me by but never riding where my mind would drift
I kept my sights beyond the lights they never blinded me
Ya see the shine without the grind
There’s no denying
I’ve been front line right here where the driver sits
I lived my life an nine fived a bit
But give me the mic I’m right with it
Gimmie the pen and watch me write with it
Gassеd up rappers talking **** well now I’m tired of it
Monеy's on my mind’s the only motive
We struggle in this system where these haters wanna pree on what I’m doing, see I’m focused
Now I’ll be zoning with the berries lit, double Henny, Coke ready, brothers know I’m ready for the hell of it
So note that!!
Bun a Gucci roll a doobie I’m the baddest I ain't lying go and ask somebody
Independent on the grind the only thing I mind is money
On my mind 100, I've been trying to double where I’m going
I’m a product of an environment, funny that you say that
Born into a system we’re struggling just to pay back
( I don’t rate that)
Got these ********** trying to tell me something
They be onto nothing see, I been on my own ****
***** better keep your mouth shut cos you don’t know ****
Ten man one bottle, you don’t even ***** *****
They don’t know me they can’t write for us
I was the ground for so long when everything seemed hard us
Though I couldn’t break it
Though they thought I’d made it
See I was on the grind working daily for the gravy
Going crazy in this world I’m beggin something come and save me
They say I should dream, but I’m awake so I can chase it
I don’t care your jugs full I got my own share
X.O Remy (Remy Martin) like my old dear
Covvy (Courvoisier) Henny (Hennessy) Belly (Belvedere)
I'm over n out they ain't ready
My older sounds dead an buried so we won’t go there
I'm on this rollercoaster battling my own fears
Trapped in this system where showing hate isn’t so rare
But let’s be honest them pagans got the show here
So i’m a show em n show up whenever dough's there
My life’s a rollercoaster plenty up n downs, I just want to level over
I wanna let em know
I never meant to let it go
But now I’ve got it back it’s evident I’m moving closer
Independent yet I’ve never been alone
I’m down on my grizzy I just pray I make it home
But I don’t know if I’m a ever see this day come
So i stay strong for the ones who know where I came from
Now I’m just asking would you read between the lines
I ‘m scheming now I’m dealing with these demons in my mind
Majority of the people don’t see the government lying
Propaganda views that they feed us have turned us violent
Now we creeping overseas
Believe the reason so it seems
That eager greed has over seen ,the nation grieving so we riot
7 seas are never seen unless it’s land on which were fighting
Know I’m damned if i ain't grinding , understand we undivided
Nowadays they wanna know where I came from?
Glass Lucozade bottles and Raekwon
I never heard of a Drake but know that I “started from the bottom” so my only “Motto” ’s make some
Trust me since day one
I been on the grind for a million but lets just say Nah I never made non
Minimum wage don? 40 hours to system them are calling this a day job
See I’m a go getta since 07’ I’ve been trying to make the dough, cheddar
They say I battled with the beat well now I flow better
I just hope I grow, So give the mic so I can show you where this road led us
I’m in the zone I’m focused yet to be chosen
Bleeding with emotion on the floor until it’s soaking
I’m just hoping to capture the moment, I’ve adapted and grown married to the music cos the wifey’s a no
I got the remedy, tearing up every enemy, telling me live a legacy? But nah you’re not ahead of me..
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