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"Freakz Aloud"

Cool kids in town
And I drown
Nothing live left to swim around
No freaks allowed
In that crowd
Keep your differences
They’re way too loud

[Verse 1 - K.A.A.N]
I ain't met another person with the same focus
Haven’t met a single soul with the same purpose
Shows over bout the close the curtains
Immersed in more than most can handle but I manage mines
I try to think outside the box you like a pantomime
Paralyzed by limits
Crippled by your own thoughts but me I’m just a
(Cool music nerd)
And i don’t do much i smoke
Need a little bit more now raise up
Why they wanna waste time tell em wake up
Dare you to question my hustle, say something
And ain't no way that I’mma find one to make one
And by the end you’ll never find another motherf**kin
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