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"1492 Conquest of Paradise"

What the f*ck?
Uh-huh, uh-huh
Say what the f*ck?
Uh-huh, uh-huh
Yeah what the f*ck?
Ye-yeah, ye-yeah
Say what the f*ck?

And we back, yeah we back
Said we back, so relax
Yeah we back, and we back
So relax, just relax
Said we back, yeah we back, yeah we back, yeah we back
So relax, just relax, just relax, just relax

Say how you feel, n*gga tell 'em how you feel
Say how you feel, n*gga tell ’em how you feel
Say how you feel, n*gga tell 'em how you feel
Say how you feel, n*gga tell 'em how you feel

[Verse 1]
I’m feeling like f*ck it I'm taking mines
Always been a n*gga with a disposition
Didn't ever listen so I played the villain
Pacing like a mental patient, 'bout to kill it
Gotta get it while the getting's good
I'ma strike while the iron's the perfect heat
Man I make all these n*ggas look obsolete
The examples of what you should never be
Take the pen and I create a masterpiece
Da Vinci for the beat, let it rest in peace
I'm an anomaly that you never seen
On the course for the wealth, I’m not talking green
Looking for the knowledge, nothing in between
Said my pendulum swing like a guillotine
I’m convinced I can really do anything
Said my sh*t is dope, it sound like Medellin
You f*ck around, they'll find you in the mezzanine
I wanted better things, a mausoleum dream
I’m the immortalized now treat me like a king
I'll fill the void you're feeling
It's the craziest thing that I make ’em swallow
You should [?] see tomorrow
Cause the time we living on is f*cking borrowed
Gotta pay into this if you play the way you try to get out the same position you been in
It appears that you fought wit' yo' back to the wall if you really gon' rat on them all

[Verse 2]
I payed the cost, I took a loss
Yeah I got [?] and I know this
But I regroup, then I recoup
Got off the ground and then got on my grind
Moving forward, I'm not looking behind
Second guessing wasting all of my time
Don't block out my light, just let this sh*t shine like aah
Can I breathe?
Can I think?
Can I just be me?
Indentured servitude, y'all act like it's a crime to be free
When I rhyme, I release, this tension on my mind
Can you please show some compassion to a n*gga before the day that I leave?
I'm tryna float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee
Perspective I speak, can show you how the caged bird sings
A black mans nightmare is the new American dream
Let's make it great again
But can you inform me when this sh*t was great for everyone and not just some, I wonder
Columbus stumbled upon the mainland by making a blunder
A couple more days at sea, the Nina Pinta and Santa Maria would have definitely f*cking gone under
A fleet of pagan savages led by a broken compass
Saved by the same people, they were than slaves
Spreading disease, they rape and pillage everything that they seen
What do you mean American history?
They hideously hidden everything that they've done
That can't be forgiven, look but that's just me
And when the land and acres were split for the bread
Well, that's when it stopped being the land of the free

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