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"Train Of Thought"

Lawd, they don't understand this sh*t
They probably never will, lawd

Tell me how to make through, I
Got a few things to do my god
Have mercy on me, I never did it for the Murciélago
But the words that follow, a n*gga did it for the love and all
I mean it feel like Propofol
I mean it field like Kunta Kinte
Real n*gga, no orenthal, my origins it been known
Black [and] proud, there's pride within my skin tone
Times have changed, I feel like people revert back to ignorance
It's like the precursor to self destruction
What did we learn from the history of pain and violence?
See injustice, yet you sit in silence
Complicity within your non-compliance, yeah
The inability to truly care, like real compassion's hard to find I swear I
See it from the outside looking in, and the inside looking out
Never throwing stones from a glass house
I would hate if n*ggas did the same to me
I was talking 'bout change, realistic now, better 'fore I come
Ten to ten, I be up and on the move
Spread love, man that's all I wanna do
My god, will it ever get through, who knows?
Everybody wanna chill, get money, f*ck hoes
To be honest with you, nah I don't no stress
Running in a rat race till I'm all out of breath
I compete with myself, that's it, that's it
If I'm falling now, I won't trip, don't trip
I'ma get back up once again, once again
I done been through it all a couple times
Learned many lessons I won't forget
No, never thought that this sh*t was easy
I ain't into no people pleasing
If they don't feel this sh*t, they don't need it
Don't believe in me at all, it's cool
I'll find a road [?]
Just tryna find some light
But they object, fully fine with no hopelessness
But that don't mean that I be content with this tension building inside
This pain I hide behind the rhymes
If you could read between the lines
You'd see there's more than meets the eye, yeah

We just be trying to find ourselves amongst all this bullsh*t
Tryna find out what's real and what's fake
In the Garden of Eden surrounded by snakes
Your comprehension and full potential you've yet to reach
Every word is a glimpse into the mind of a man who chose to make something of himself, lawd

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