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"Flick it up Rmx"

I had to, I had to, I had to

[Verse 1]
I've been in control while I swim in my drip
Name another n*gga that could do it like this
Bet you come up shorter than a midget lil b*tch
n*ggas unable to comprehend my wit, goddammit I'm sick
Achoo! (bless me)
Spit it like a n*gga got too much mucus
Choke it harder but serving that hadouken
Rebuking the bullsh*t music, mute it
I practice a literary knack and a literal attack
I was coming from the bottom of the map but I'm back
Go hard as Die Hard like John McClane
Ya reach weak like John McCain
Been heat, that flame, that real propane
I can make a b*tch sing like Aretha Franklin but I had to make 'em stomp like Kirk Franklin
With a military mindstate, motivated
From the basement my n*gga, I was cultivated
Big Bang lil b*tch, I was bound for greatness
It was fate, manifested my destiny
I been fighting with my demons, I've been wrestling
Too slick too smooth like vaseline
Got a backwoods full of that gasoline
Never forget, I've been on my alien sh*t
Really I'm it, n*gga I'm a minimalist
I'm in the midst, put them on the ominous list
I'm a n*gga you could never forget, b*tch I been in the mix
Ain't no other n*ggas built like this or spit like this or feel like this
I'm too rare

[Chorus: REASON]
Pick it up, pick it up
I done worked hard, ain't did enough
Got a new b*tch, ain't thick enough
New new whip, gotta flick it up
Flick it up, flick it up
n*gga flow sick, ain't sick enough (Wait)
Got a new b*tch, ain't thick enough (Woah)
Tell her drop down, then pick it up
Pick it up, pick it up

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