No Need


[Intro: K.A.A.N.]
I seen the highs, I seen the lows
I done been in this position before
I done been backed down with no options
I had to turn around and make it happen
I had to steer the ship like I'm a captain
I'm tryna minimize the distractions
Taking off like I'm ready for action
Like it's my passion, on god

[Chorus: K.A.A.N.]
I had to bounce back n***a, I been down before
Elevated from the gutter, what the f**k do you know
Complications over money, it's a struggle of course
Every turn, the people [prayin'?] for a blue C-note
Funny how they turn they back on a n***a
They ain't believe, they used to laugh at a n***a
Bright lights still attract them n***as
Inner circle getting smaller, I subtract them n***as

[Verse 1: K.A.A.N.]
I feel like Da Vinci, I'm painting a picture, it's elegant
I've just been driven, I'm finding a way
I been tryna make light of the negative
I been tapped into the zone too much
My pen got clutch, you n***as got stuck
Pressing your luck, tryna make more issues
n***as 'bout as hard as Charmin tissue
Shooting my shot, sh*t sound like a missile
Aiming at the target that's on your mental
Hitting up the passenger side of your rental
Rearrange your mindframe and your dental
I ain't in a box, I broke the stencil
I've been an original dimension
I'll never go back and forth or tit for tat
Below the standards that I've set, I must confess
Like a mental patient pace so patiently
Temperature, the highest of degree
Set my sights on more than what I seen
In the moment, I been feeling free
All that other sh*t is obsolete
I can not afford to pay the fee
I've been dealing with a lot of things
A nightmare not a dream

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