Playaz Circle

"Family Affair"

Feel like n***as taking us as a joke
Gotta show 'em who boss
My team gotta eat

You n***as be stupid and come with that beef sh*t you losin
My squad is guerillas no questions don't like us then sue us
A natural disaster I follow the footsteps of Luda
It's my time to shine
Don't need no co-signer I speak through my music I'm tighter
Than any female in your camp, see I'm taking the title
Think I don't see these snakes hatin on me
Time to expose these chicks soundin like me

[Lil' Fate]
Cheah! Lil' Fate, n***a
G-Road, Southside

You n***as can't compete, I do this in my sleep
Dream about money, laying on million dollar sheets
Look at my feet, Louis, Gucci
To me Bathing Ape cheap, truly who he
Thank he is lookin all fruity?
Ghetto-ass n***a got some money and turned bougie
Look at all them groupies, bopping, jocking
f**k that sh*t, Lil' Fate's a problem, and you can't stop him
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