Playaz Circle

"Big Dawg"

[Intro: 2 Chainz]
Weed and syrup again

[Hook: Lil Wayne]
Hey, I say money ain't a thing to a big dawg
Ain't got nothing but some cash, I'm a big boss
And I got my goods, and I got my guns, and I got my goons where they supposed to be
Hey, I say money ain't a thing to a big dawg
They can pow pow, at this big dawg
Tell the world I'm ready, wait till they get a load of me

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
I'm in the Maserati and it costs one fourty
I'm a ghetto boy I came up off Brad Jordan
I'm sawing this something for them
Shawty f**k your boyfriend
I am so fly it look like I get dressed in hourse pill
Vehicular homicide boy you know my car kill
Orange and black Chevy, now I'm riding Garfield
I'm standing by the bar steel running up my bar bill
Yeah I push weight my bag feel like barbel
I'm a big dawg look at my big dawg watch
See we the big dawgs that all the big dawgs watch
Got that constipated flow, you know this sh*t's on lock
And shawty even when its cold, they be like Tit Boy hot, ya digg!
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