Magic City Hippies


Verse 1:
This time I'll find my love between the grooves
Something to spin
In the afternoons
Spent the night in someone else's arms
So pour me another
May the lord strengthen your arm

Hope this ain't another trust exercise that's broken
You're the only one I want
Everybody knows it
Girl don't need no SPF
With the shade I'm throwin'
How you gonna love yourself
When honesty don't show up?

Start acting like a grown up

Verse 2:
Hopped in a cab
We were soaking wet
Spilled my drink
We're drinking to forget
Just popped an addy
Am I sober yet?
My girl so bad
She blows the Bayonet all day

I can read your body like the rising of the ocean
When I think of you with him
It makes me wanna throw up
You're the queen and I'm the king
Testing my devotion
I'm the kite and you're the string

You keep me actin' grown up
You keep me actin' grown up
You keep me actin' grown up

You keep me actin'
(Keep it cool)
You keep me actin'
You keep me actin' grown

Bridge 2:
But you got on clothes I can't afford
But she hits that split right
I went six to midnight
And she hits that spliff right

Bridge 3:
Girl don't need no SPF
Girl don't need no SPF
Girl don't need no SPF
Girl don't need no SPF

That's right it is Freaky Freestyle Friday
It's how the FCA's coming to you live
Next up to bat we got John the (?)

Consider this, as I twist up
The blunt guts out the window
Chin up, swipe left on Tinder
When I'm rolling out to dinner
Sick a this Richie Rich
Mama bought your licorice
Papa caught a fever pitch
He's a bigger fish
Scissor-kick my benefits
He'll never hear the end of it
Spending sh*t
Truth is
Call me Lex Lucious, it's stupid
Proof is in the pudding, cuteness
She's ruthless
Ice on her body, whole lot a naughty
Pour it in a paper cup and walk to the party
Strings? No attachments
Just striking matches
Come kiss the cactus
With the bad kids

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