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Travis Atreo

"Man It Sucks"

[Verse 1]
Man, it sucks when someone figures out your games
And don't wanna play 'em no more
We're crying in our bed and making our way to the floor
Man, it sucks
And I don’t like when you’re staying out all night
And never answer your phone
I follow you around the world just to be left alone
And, man, it sucks

[Chorus 1]
Met at 21, New York streets blazing
Hopped a flight to the Hamptons, baby
From then on, I knew this would be love
I put up with six long years of our dirty secret
Tried so hard, but no one could keep it
Late one night, I knew that love was lost

[Verse 2]
Man, it sucks
When you're staying up all night with a bottle of wine
Drunk with lonely tears, I've done that 'bout a thousand times
What the f**k? Man, it sucks
Maybe it was weed
High all day and night just to make things right
But your lies, they tell the truth about what you hide inside
Man, it sucks

[Chorus 2]
I said I loved you despite the cheating drama
I knew for years, but the truth don't come out
Maybe in the future, you’ll come around
You never loved before, that excuse has run out
Like you did on me last July
From now on, leave your messages and go
Please don't come 'round here no more
Don't come 'round here no more, yeah

Man, it sucks that I'm even wasting time writing this song
But you hurt me so damn bad
It's the only way that I can move on
And, man, it sucks

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