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DJ Muggs

"God's Banker"

[Sick Jacken]
He collected the cash, well respected for connections with gangs
Sworn in, took an oath, never mentioned the plan
The Pope's right hand, brother to the cardinal man
Brought him in, now he's part of the scam
Understand there's a church in every hood
And every hood has a rep
God's banker better have that money on deck
To kick upstairs so that he can answer your prayers
Or better yet just to cancel your fears
But he never appears, he's in the big house
He's been there for years
Serving life in the Vatican, that's where he is
In a cathedral tower laid up in one of the tiers
But got lethal power with his loyal army of kids
It's a shadow government, a state within a state
A street covenant with everybody in the inside running it
Roberto Calvi from the P2 lodge
Got attention from the beast trying to be too large
He was God's banker in the south-east of Italy
Used his gun to bark his mouth piece
Wittily he brought a lot of money to the church and the Pope
And started using it as cover for disbursement of dope
He had altar boys working for him
And broke the code of silence talking loud about assignments in an open forum
Now he got Interpol scoping toward him
The only time a member talks though is through evidence that's post-mortem
The Pope heard about a rise in the cops' interest
And how a thing like that could take a business off hinges
Man the worst is the witness stand
Before it gets to this you jump on the hit list plan
So he fled out of the city, the Feds know the holy committee
Knew about him all where he was really
But you know you can't run from the arm of God
They stabbed his brother thirty times in the Vatican courtyard
Interpol tracked him to a UK inn

You can talk to us, I see God and you pay him
We can protect you, relocate your wife and kids

[Sick Jacken]
They found him eight days later hung under a bridge
It wasn't known who did it, even God in his own dominion
Has a rap that'll take your spirit
God's banker played and his heart was in it
In life and death, God's army stays committed

Forgive me father
For I have sinned

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