Joey Vantes

"Ten Toes"

[Verse 1: Joey Vantes]
They just work for me
Work, work for me
All by myself (All by myself!)
Don't need your company (Huh)
I got these views (Woo)
Man, gotta love me
They out here reachin', but they ain't buggin' me
Payin' no mind, I keep it straight, I never cut the strings (Yeah)
All the [?] woo, Westside where you be? (Huh?)
You ain't touchin' me (Nah)
Got too much energy (Yee)
Clutchin' my fear, connect like I'm moving, flick of the wrist
My GM coolin', how bad is it?, verse [?] know what it is yeah
Breakin' the system, radio's [?]
They hate me for the acts I been gettin'
Send me a message but I don't know yet (I don't know)
Pull that back, don't forget you lay that Jack
I got Aces up my sleeve, I ain't talkin' 'bout you back yeah (Yeah)
Nah I'm playin', I'm too kind, I'm just sayin' I got mine
Blue, blue crayon on my dough, they made friends yeah
I don't lift a finger they just work for me
Yeah that's right they wanna work for me
Ten toes down, on my grizzy, y'all too busy
Can I keep up my hustle?, I'm productive never busy ayy
'Member what it felt like not to eat?, God replaced my EBT
Now I been on the blue and street, ayy, yeah
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