Richie Rich

"The Mic Is Mine"

(As we go a little somethin’ like this)(x4)
(As we go a little somethin’ like this…hit it!)

[Verse 1]
See, the mic is mine, and I’m down to use it
And battle any pigeon that dares to abuse it
I’m a rhyme artist, so it belongs to me
I’m Richie Rich, Dubble-R, that down MC
I took a trip to New York disguised as a geek
Since they say they’re so hard I had to take a peek
I went to Queens, the Bronx, and even Brooklyn
Had the girls in a daze, and kept them all lookin’
Went to all of the parties, I left houses burnin’
From Jersey City to Bridgeport and Mount Vernon
And I just couldn’t see why they’re rated so high
Man, I’m an Oakland city gangster, a California guy
And the mic is mine
That’s right, it’s mine

[Verse 2]
Well, when I left Mount Vernon, what did I see?
A light brown beauty, she was fitted for me
So, I spoke to the girl as she stared in amazement
She said "Hi", but then she led me to the basement
But when she opened the door, oh man, gee
The walls were full of pictures, pictures of me
She said “Drop that disguise, I know who you are
You’re MC Richie Rich, the California rap star”
Her dress slid down, the body go round
The baddest old man in the town, he wouldn’t frown
And a body like hers, the woman had curves
But to mess with me, man, she had to have nerves
And now she’s mine
That’s right, mine
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