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Richie Rich

"Side Show"

(Hurry, hurry, step right up
And see the side show in town
For only 50 cents)

[ D-Loc ]
Wait, wait, cut this stuff, man
This ain't no side show
Rich, kick the side show

( *DJ Daryl cuts up* )
(Make it funky)

[Verse 1]
It's a Saturday night and my girl's lookin’ real pretty
But jack that, I just left Campbell City
Straight lace Zeniths and vogues on a point
On my way to the Town to get a doja joint
Pushed it to the 7 to get some dank
Hit the liquor store to cold get drank
Now I got my doja, my drink is like Nitro
Peace, playboy, I'm on my way to the side show
Down Bancroft, to the light
Let me warm it up, I hit a donut tight
There's a Chevy on my side, windows straight tinted
I think he got hype when he saw me spin it
I'm up outta there, sideways to the next light
Vogues kinda smokin but Zeniths still tight
I'm at the side show, parlayin and playin
Music on hit, head straight swayin
To the sounds of the 415 and the Locster
Girlie on the corner on jock, so I approached her
Spoke real smooth and said, "Hey, what's happenin?"
She said, "Dubble-R, is that you rappin?"
I said, "Ah nah, baby, that ain't me
You listen to the sounds of the L-o-c
The same clique, the 415, we make paper
But back up, girl, I can see you got the vapors
A lazy, tore up and tore down, yo
She's lookin’ for a trick at the side show

You know what I'm sayin?
In Oakland, California, every Saturday night, brothers be ridin
Straight lace Zeniths, drop tops, buckets, high performance
We really don't be trippin, you know what I'm sayin?
But now it's like this

[Verse 2]
Police came through, but now they're gone
In other words, the side show's on
Troy's in a 5-point straight up lit
Short's comin through in a Benz with a kit
Oakland's movin somethin, and that's real
Bruce from the Deuce comin through in a 'Ville
This is a side show, boy, we don't fake it
Police come through on a fluke and try to break it
Up like that with a riot hat
You're gonna need more than a billy club and a gat
To stop the side show, officer, just think
Maybe you should come and hit the spot with a tank
Cause the brothers from the O are gonna keep on ridin
Yolkin’, hittin’ tight ones, straight sidin’
See, we ain't really trippin off jail or the tickets
A brother wants to post, make mail and kick it
Now listen, this is the code to the show
For the people out there who just don't know
If your car is real clean, then bring it
If it's high-performance, then swing it
If it's a motorcycle, you better serve it
And if you get a ticket, you better deserve it
As long as you can say, "Man, I let ‘em know"
Then peace, you did it at the side show

It's a everyday thing
Every Saturday night, brothers be tearin up cars
Brothers be comin through swingin ‘em
I don't know what's goin on, I'm juiced
I'm in the Town, I strikes through
I see girls, corner to corner, block to block
You know, basically it's just (funky)

[Verse 3]
Corner to corner, block to block
Flock Zeuses and EV's that knock
Gold-diggin women in the City of O
Lookin’ for a brother with a cash flow
That's the type of things that gets ‘em off
Material stuff, at the side show, boss
Brothers get started, and man, don't quit
Kiki's on a ninja, servin’ it
It's about 2 o'clock and the show's still movin’
Girls all at the gas station choosin’
A brother like me never ever spends cash on those
Nah, I need a new set of vogues
Candy paint will make a freak peep
But she'll never get a nickel or a dime out of me
Peace to everybody in the O that I know
Dubble-R gettin’ witcha at the side show

Believe that
Cause it's real

This one goes out to my DJ Daryl-Ski
My homeboy L-o-c
And of course the jigga, the JED

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