Richie Rich

"The Picnic"

[Verse 1]
It’s time to bust one, to get the people pumped
It’s the 90's, the season of the Humpty Hump
Summer’s almost here, so ay, it’s time to do it
The man on the mic is Richie Rich, I thought you knew it
Summertime, a time to cool it with the ladies
The beaches are on, brothas strikin’ the Mercedes
Lots of ladies love me and a few that you can get with
Come along to Richie Rich’s picnic

[Chorus 1]
The Picnic, the Richie Rich picnic
Come on to Richie Rich picnic
It’s the picnic, the Richie Rich picnic
Come on, everybody let’s go to the picnic
The Richie Rich picnic
Give it up, give it up, we’re going to the picnic
The Richie Rich picnic

[Verse 2]
Now at the picnic, there’ll be lots of food
And some drink as well to get the ladies in the mood
We’re just chillin’, though, you know, no violence
We’re all in a park so who cares about silence
Loungin’, you know what I’m sayin’?
My potna Kirk, he’s at the keyboards playin’
And it’s on, we’ve got the barbecue
And the field setup for a game of horseshoe
Or some Frisbee, or catch, more maybe even football
I threw the picnic just for that reason, so would y’all
Get busy with me one time on the one
Daryl, count it off, it’s time to have some fun
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