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Richie Rich

"More Game"

*(Richie Rich talking)*

Rest in peace, Mr. Cee. Check it out, off the top, dedicated to all the
Yay Area mutha f*ckaz who don't know nuthin about, what they supposed to
Know sumpthin about. So a understand me what I'm sayin?? Uh-huh, y'all
Mutha f*ckaz comin from either side of the bridge, biatch

Verse 1 *(Richie Rich)*

Slug bangin
Drug bangin
It's Rich
An that n*gga Black Chris
Runnin a drug sweet bliss
From the older Frisc
Hataz chew a chunk of this
Rest in peace to my n*gga
(Mr. Cee)
Can't f*ck wit this
Park my hog, f*ck wit OG dogs
Smoke LG dispite the spook stories n*ggas tell me
They lungs collapse
Need zig zags to bust raps
Run trains on hoes
Who fall victim to the flows
RBL knows
My turf n*ggas throw up yo "O's"
If you got game
Then hustle an struggle to bring the spot fame
Not to name
They built a bridge in the game
From the Older Frisco
Off light green an Sissco
I go
Back an forth
East, west, north
Representin n*ggas who be slangin on the porch
Fo what it's worth
All n*ggas on the turf
Prepare yo mind fo the rebirth

Ha ha, check it out. On a b*tch, (RBL Posse) fo a b*tch, (Double R)
Dedicated to a b*tch, (sideways) an the hook'll go a lil sumpthin like

*(chorus)* x2

*(RBL Posse & Richie Rich)*

We got mo game than the average, b*tch
Three boss playaz tryin to stack a grip, trick
We makin g's that's fo sheeze
In a place where gettin money ain't easy
Believe that

Verse 2 *(Black C)*

Now I'm bouncin in rap
Juss like O-Z's, to kilo's
Gettin so rich, I change my name to Mr. C-Note
Now these flows, cashin checks
But dont forget
I had respect, before success, to put this game in text
So you might get wrecked
My foes get checked
These hoes expect
f*ckin everybody
I'm off like Gotti
Off tha Hennessey
My Posse, got the tendencey
To take foes, an break those
n*ggas hold they pecos
Then shoot them down like Waco
But lettin em say so
We never bang hoes
Playaz make the world go round
That's right the world go round
Fools talk down
Real n*ggas hold they ground
Rich laid it down
While he spark that pound
I takes a toke hold, then of the smoke
Then I blows it out
Into the B-A-Y
My n*ggas ain't G-A-Y
This Frisco pimpin, representin gettin P-A-Y
Ya betta believe that

*(Chorus)* x2

Verse 3 *(Hitman)*

Some one kid you fo a rap
Two for a ho
Three for the fedi
Four since the show
Fo sho
I been like strugglin an strivin fo doe
An the eagerness I get, the sooner that it flows
Hoes try to keep me down the ladder
But I'd rather keep climbin to make my pockets fatter
An as they huddle an gather
To come up wit a plan, to stuffs it in my hand
That poultry man
Me an my click, the realest clan
An there I stand
As a completed soldier
Smaller the older
Likes phenomenon
Like John Travolta
Get in yo mind juss like minolta
It's colder how we put pressure upon yo shoulders
Be leavin you blinded
In these one times, we criminal minded
An we stood to be reminded
Put it back
We run this like Gulluvers Travels
We unravel confrontations
Fo my n*ggas we lost the battle
Snakes they rattle
But we got mo game than the average
Insane cuz we some savages
Wit the hap's of lettin you have it
Fo the cabbage

*(Chorus)* x2

Mo game than the average
Game in exchange fo some cabbage. b*tch. x3

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