Richie Rich

"Update On 5"

[Hook: Rardy]
Got my mind on my money, money on my mind, while I'm blowing on this pine
200 hunnet on the dash, got a b*t*h in the passg, and you know she got ass
This the life that we choose, not the life that chose us, so don't blame it on luck
f**k yo 9-5, I grind 9-5, studio 5-9, so I guess you could say that I work

[Bridge: Via Streets]
Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, All We Do is Work
Work, Work, All We, All We, All We
Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, All We Do is Work
Work, Work, All, All, All, All, All, All

[Verse 1: Rardy]
Steady stacking these Benjamin's, they say they balling that's just pretend
Filet mignon, so you could save the salt, I like to taste the flavor not that seasoning
I just ate and I'm still hungry, yo girl calling I just keep ignoring
Xerox n***as just copy style, so I changed the file and let em keep the torrent
I'm good, dollars all in the mental
On the route to get this money with my kinfolk
It's 1500 for the minimum if you want the show, stop playing
I need all my funds, I don't want the b*t*h unless she celibate, nuns
I'm just a crazy ass n***a, Klaus Kinski, Mel Gibson
Sipping on that purple sprite, got her loose drawls, Metamucil
Snatched a hunnet thousand views, n***as thought I rigged YouTube
When I drop this all my n***as on them blogs like, "right on, f**king right, he's back dude"
That's right I'm that dude, some n***as love to hate
Cause they b*t*h feel me, that's masturbate
I am the great, don't fabricate, just detonate, explode
While I'm ridin' round my side of town with a bad b*t*h belong in Vogue, n***a
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