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Richie Rich

"Thug Money"

*(Ager Man & Bart)*

Mobb life mutha f*cka!
(It's Mobbin life)
Eh man is this that Blunt Funk?
(That One Step Beyond bombation sh*t)
(You know what I'm sayin'? 3 Times mutha f*ckin' Krazy n*gga!
Where the f*ckin' money?!
Where the f*ckin' money n*gga?!
(Blunt Funk entertainment. You know what I'm sayin' b*tch?)

Verse 1 *(Bart of 3X Krazy)*

I hits the block walk wit a Tech
A zip in my pocket
350 rocket to get up out of the cases
Move, get away cleanest if the po-po's try to beat us
For the funk won't leave you breathin'
I've been married since a fetus
3 Tia fo Lia! (3 Times for life)
The 100 blocks got it sewed
Put your lips in my business and get them mutha f*ckas mowed
My game is to be sold
No suckas when I roll
You comin' at me crazy juss to get yo lips swole like pop gum
Givin' up lumps and bumps so I'm non-stop
When I dumpin' hot ones out the drop
Pull around and get you mopped
Put the Mobb against a series of haters
Tied up in a knot wit instigators
Start speakin' fo playas
I got my front porch sewed up
The feds chasin'
Through the back roots, cuts an stretch
I got no time for no patience
Keek hittin' fences
A-G bailin' through the trees
I was keyed
So it's basic that you make it on your tee's n*gga!

Chorus *(3X Krazy)* 4x

The Thug Money
The drug money
The mud money, bet yo blood, and it's stuff under the rug money

Verse 2 *(Ager Man of 3X Krazy)*

Smokin' some of that green dope smashin' through the East
5-0 couldn't even catch where I was in the Chevy wit hella speed
Hopped up out my vehic
Seen cops hidin' in the trees
Slapped my mutha f*ckin' Mac-10 cuz them P.D.'s they will bleed
In my back pocket is a Radio Shack C.B
Watchin' my back be lil Steve, signal me when they leave
Cuz n*ggas ain't goin' down no mo'
For the 9-6 f*ck the 4
f*ck off fully both of they doe
Wit nitro gas for the murda show
Get to they shop, and hit the back door
Some of you n*ggas don't really know
Real killas don't need a, 4-4 to make that n*ggas, head blow
Put bombs in his pick up
I bet ya'll n*ggas won't see him no mo'
Cuz when that mutha f*cka blow
No come back, everybody gonna go

Verse 3 *(Keek Tha Sneek of 3X Krazy)*

For the Thug Money
They jack a n*gga for nothin'
I be leavin' you dead in the alley
This kill a 5-0 Cali
For the 9-6
These woody-wood all in my mix
Bust a n*gga upside his head for arguin' wit a b*tch
I think I'm tired of these woodies
So I gathered up a million n*ggas
And burned them Big Willies
Straps! I need to find some fullys
And a gang that is sure to clean your crowd
Pistol let off repeated
Black and white drop ridin' through the spot
And tryin' to stop my flow, cash
So I gotta get that ass
They radioed a rigg up
So I'm on feet like ???
Plus I'm a getaway
Tell the crew, put my sh*t away
Change my description
And fired up a C.F.A
Crooked cop came
Everythang went on thugs in the O-A f*ckin' K
They, know the A
They ended D
The enemy
And these house n*ggas, and peckerwoods harrassin' me
So I'm harrassin' back
Hot on the roof top wit my gat
f*ckin' blast it!
Suspect he dressed in black
Left 'em layin' flat
Ghetto bird don't know where I'm at
Tucked under
And sneakin' on another f*ckin' task money

*(Chorus)* 4x

Verse 4 *(Richie Rich)*

]From the cradle to the gravin'
Like a f*ckin' stowaway
Trunk full of throw-aways
f*ck wit 'ol skool Richie Rich you get you ass taxed
n*gga Hitler was a killer
Frank War was a mack
For all my years in the game I got so many gats
It's for the race war
Don't wanna face more
n*ggas than I can handle
Blowin' 'em out like candles
Have you ever seen a n*gga work a thirty-eight
For the, drug money
To stuff under the rug money
Rich and 3 Times
n*ggas thought it wrong
It's Blunt Funk for the scratch
Once again it's on
I hate to kill, but I will for the skrill
Into my section, for the leathal injection
AK-47, hundred round gas-aholic
Smokin' these clips and can't call it

*(Chorus)* 4x


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