DJ Envy
[DJ Envy] + (DMX)
Let's take it to Yonkers, Blok Party
(Uhh, yeah! WHAT?!) New DMX! (Grrrrr..)

N***as is scared to f**k with the Dog cause I'm shady {Yeah!}
You remember that kid from runnin up and down from Buildin 80? (UHH!)
Highs are extreme (uh-huh) lows are suicidal
Got me reachin for the Bible cause I, think I'm genocidal (yeah)
Fakers think I'm bluffin but I'm not (not)
Say that I be buggin cause I be makin it hot (whoo!)
Knowin all I got is my, nuts and my word (aight?)
Though I'm never seen, the Dark is always heard (uh-huh)
I speak for those who speak with Glocks (UHH) from frequent blocks (UHH)
Where the objective is to put in twelve, stay alive and leave in knots (UHH)
From little rocks bein sold
Then motherf**ker, if you LIVE to see 40 then you old (damn)
And me bein the way I am, if the Devil close to me
That's the reason why I'm never I'm supposed to be
I chose to be, on some Dark sh*t (uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh)
Rip apart sh*t and start sh*t until whenever I depart b*t*h (UHH, WHAT!)
This hard sh*t, will leave yo' a** stretched laid the f**k out (whoo!)
I'm on the edge, WHAT! (UHH!) Life is played out
I made out, kinda good with the last couple of runs
Up the, coast with it; couple of keys, couple of guns (uh-huh)
The funds wasn't the issue, it was OTHER sh*t (uhh)
That had me flippin on my brother's sh*t, stealin from my mother's sh*t (UHH)
Cry by myself, I couldn't hide from myself
And if I push my wig back, then I die by myself
Cause it gets..
[Chorus 2X: DMX - singing]
Deeper and deeper
With every move I make I'm fallin
Deeper and deeper
These souls from underground keep callin

Why is it that I do what I do? (WHAT!)
Why is it that, only to these streets can I be true? (UHH)
I ain't never been sh*t, my peoples been told me so
Hold me yo; n***as don't, know me yo!
Cause they ain't out that mob that's out to get n***as (UHH!)
Rip n***as, split n***as when you hit n***as (UHH!)
Long as there's bodies to be caught, there's shotties to be bought (YEAH)
Hotties that transport, fake Gotti's to extort
I cry for help but n***as don't, hear me (AHHHH!)
N***as don't understand me! That's why n***as fear me (whoo)
Hit the old neighborhood cause I'm bout to end it (damn)
Stressin sh*t that I went through and what I BEEN did
N***as I offended, will have to take it as a loss
Cause in a minute, what I'm THINKIN is about to look like sauce (BOOM!)
Gots to pay the cost and this time it's gon' cost me my life
My love to my children and my, wife (peace)
Step to the ledge - would I, could I, should I? (uhh, uhh)
Really understand with, seein with my good eye (uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh!)
The hood I, came up in showed no mercy
Unforgiven of the many plagues that cursed me (damn)
The worst we went through would make a grown man fumble (aight?)
Learnin to walk, and it HURTS when you stumble (yeah!)
Figure out the jumble and you live, if not you DIE
On my knees, hands up to the sky, WHY?

[DJ Envy - over Chorus]
Yeah, it's the People's Choice, DJ Envy
Desert Storm Mixtape, Volume 1, Blok Party

[DJ Envy] + (DMX)
Yeah! (The Dark)
What you know about, two 24 verses?
(The life) DMX.. (to fight, goin on right now)
Heh.. (tonight, f'real) fat shout
Whole Bloodline, Jazz, DMX, Uncle Ray