DJ Envy
So Vicious
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah! Gilla n***a in the house n***a
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh sh*t! Yo, DJ Envy in the house n***a
{New Redman!} "You, are, so, vi-cious"
Yeah, Brick City's in the house n***a
(Chick-chicken, DJ Envy muh'f**kin set boy!) "I, know, you're, vi-cious"
Yeah, yeah, yeah, what?
(Check it out -- scream at your dog) {WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?}

Aiyyo Dog you gotta be a gilla n***a, to roll with us
A camp full of hardhitters, with no quitters
Smackin the sh*t out golddiggers when the dough mentioned
Take out a new n***a rap, with a old symptom {ENVY!}
Yeah I'm Doctor Dude from "Malpractice"
Half you rappers ain't on crack, you just crackers {Yeah!}
And backwards, I was forward when I wrote it
So when I spit I'll chip a few n***as shoulders
I want dough, you're only penny like bologna
Haters watch y'all know they +Envy+ when the song bump
Talkin bout they in the hood, where they hardly found
The whole hood got my number - CALL MI NAOW!
I ain't gon' read your palm, I know your future
Only thing I need was the street you're on
Now parked on your lawn is, two Denalis
N***as squattin with gloves and, Bruno Malis
New York and Cali, we don't play fair
If it's thick we rob chicks for they J-Lo wear (give it up b*t*h!)
Give it to they baby moms, and say it's a gift
Cause when I ball in my palm, I'ma play it to win - c'mon
"You, are, so, vi-cious"
Yea, yea, yea, yo, Redman is
"I, know, you're, vi-cious"
Ha, ha, yo, yea, yo, yo, Brick City is
"You, are, so, vi-cious"
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, DJ Envy is
"I, know, you're, vi-cious"
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, scream atcha frauds

I gotta, watch where I'm goin, start goin where I watch
It's summertime, but it's like snowin in my watch
Check the Funk Doc, the Lyor Cohen of the block
2020 Benz unfoldin out the box {yup!}
Futuristic kid, f**k if your team holdin
I'm sh*ttin on y'all and I ain't begin to clean colon
I'll snatch the crown from whatever king holdin
The unforgettable, Nat King Flow'n
+Jack the Rapper+ like a conference
I'm pa**in out demo tapes with shotties under the armpits
(Give it up!) Tellin you to listen to it, or you die young
My music like ecstacy - EVER TRY ONE?
Throw your guns, it's a law to bein men
And I'm that all day, like the war on CNN
I turn your day to short, make the night go long
I got Doug E. sayin, "Reggie - on the mic - you're on!"
(Ahh ahh on, ahh ahh on..)
[Chorus] w/ variations

{Envy ad libs shoutouts to Def Squad}

Where you at where you at?
Def Squad, DJ Envy, Gilla n***as
Brick City, Brook-nam in the hid-douse
With a d**k in your mid-douth
2002, f**k whatchu gon' do
Word to mother

[Envy] Y'all know - switch it up!