DJ Envy
D Block
Yeah (yeah) D-Block (D-Block)
{New LOX!} Envy, whattup my n***a? {Featurin J-Hood}
Larsiny! Haha, aiyyo yo {C'mon!}

If the hammer don't work then the pump gon' get you {Yeah!}
Body in the tub, let the chainsaw rip you
I don't give a F**K about none of your clique (at all)
Or this music, y'all can SoundScan my d**k (whoo!)
I give it to y'all n***as simple and plain (uh-huh)
Have your chest lookin like the Connect Four game
Y'all muh'f**kers know Sheek is it (Sheek Luch')
I got a toiletbowl flow, I keep some sh*t
I'm the best out right now (all day) none of y'all want it (uh-uh)
Like your album ain't sh*t unless Sheek up on it (got the exclusive)
F**K what you drive, I'll see you in hell (uh-huh)
Cause I ain't never seen 20s stop a shell {Envy!}
D-Block the label that'll pop it all
Walk with me and I ain't puttin out nothin soft (c'mon)
Even talkin to a b*t*h I'm thuggin her out (yeah)
Sheek Luch', y'all already know what the kid is about, WHATTUP?

[Chorus: Styles]
I'ma give you - all of the bullets, all of the blade
D-Block 'til we all in a cage or all in a grave
My gangstas (gangstas) my n***as (n***as)
Our weed smoke, our liquor
Can't find a crew or clique that could rhyme sicker
(D-Block!) It go down I'm bustin my nine witcha
(D-Block!) I get knocked I'm doin my time witcha
(D-Block!) For life my n***a I'd grind witcha
I got my own problems (uh-huh) f**k all the sh*t you been facin (f**k it)
Can't count your blessings, see you in a situation (that's right)
Hit you in your melon and your ribs, MMWWAA!
We can get it on, I got a felony to give (bring it)
Mad when I run out of my weed or my cereal
Only sleep late when I run out of material (uhh)
Funny thing is you don't even know how I'll murder you (you don't even know)
The 40-cal'll make a n***a convertible {Yeah!}
And if the judge and the jury don't believe me
F**k it, just give me a cell next to the TV (C.O.!)
They might hate but they ain't tryin to guard (uh-uh)
And sh*t come naturally, y'all n***as tryin too hard
Prayin for nothin, all you doin is lyin to God
'For a sign in PC, I'd rather die in the yard
And we pretty much controllin the East, workin on the South and the West
(D-Block!) Shoot you in your mouth and your chest, what


[J. Hood]
Yo, I was told life is what you make and I'ma make the best of mine
The slugs out the fo'-fifth'll make your chest decline
I don't a**ociate with n***as that talk to cops (uh-uh)
I'm on top of my game like I'm standin on X-Box
I'm tryin to get cheddar, f**k f**kin with hoes (f**k it)
I'm tryin to cop the Coupe that come out in 2004
We got dimes and dubs of haze
And I can hit you with a gat the size of a sub from Subway
I'm a child of the slums, decendant of the gutter (D-Block!)
Got two chrome Glocks that resemble each other
N***a they brothers, one all chrome and one black (yeah)
One out of either one'll lay you on your back
So watch how you stare at n***as (watch out)
Cause my n***as might spaz out and start throwin chairs at n***as (whattup)
And I know y'all ain't better than Hood, y'all n***as liars
Leave a hole in you the size of a Moped tire

[DJ Envy]
Yeah, the People's Choice, DJ Envy
Fat shout, Dave McPherson, Epic.. (OHH!)