DJ Envy
[Intro: Jay-Z (DJ Envy)]
Yo, uh, dim the motherf**kin' lights and the studio shades! (Yeah)
Skane Dollar (The People's Choice!)
Let's get this one (DJ Envy!)
Envy! Yeah, yeah
Yeah, the Roc's in the building, oh yeah
(New Jay-Z!) It's Young, yeah, c'mon!
That sh*t sound like some superhero music right there (Okay)
Sound like my theme muh'f**kin' song right there
(Desert Storm Mixtape, Volume 1) I like this one
I can groove to this one (Yeah)
Skane Dollar where we at? Clue!
Desert Storm
Yeah, let's get it (Whaaaat?)

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
Watch on arm, rims on tire
Hov' in the studio, the booth's on fire {Yeah!}
S. Carter kicks on my feet (Woo!)
Rocawear on my leg, Envy on the beat
I made my first mil' off papi on The Hill
I made it in the rap game speakin' on the reels (That's real)
I'm blatant 'cause I pa**ed the statute of limitation
And I'm makin' too much money to be going to jail (Hell nah)
Who else you know on probation
Leave the country for a month and go on vacation? (Hehehehe)
Listeners, get your brain on drugs
Listen up, it's the flow that's like cocaine dust
Her-on hero, do anything for dinero
Like Joe Pesci, Hov' is so deadly
In the middle of the ocean, racin' on jet skis (Pyoom!)
Get your mind right or get it on your left sleeve {Envy!}
S.C., Jay-Z, either/or
Young Hova, Big Homie, read 'em off
Daddy is home, n***as are scared {Yup!}
Way before I put the key in the door
Ain't no other kings in this rap thing, you kidding?
Nothin' but my chil'ren, one shot, they disappearing
I'm on a whole 'nother level
I don't take your Jacob watch, I just screw off the bezel
[Break: Jay-Z (DJ Envy)]
Young's in the building! Desert Storm!
It's the Roc! (DJ Envy)
This is what we do about this time of year
(Blok Party...) Yeah
(Desert Storm Mixtape, Volume 1)
Sho' nuff! Gangsta.. (C'mon!)

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
Rapper slash, murderer slash
Punk motherf**kers, I will murder your a**
Gangster, somebody soon-to-be dad
Blueprint 2 homie, junior is mad
Mad 'cause his new son sound a little better
Knock a little harder, show the growth in his father
Sibling rivalries, damn, you gotta love it
All that spells in the end, better music for the public

[Outro: Jay-Z (DJ Envy)]
Gotta love it (You gotta love it)
Young! Desert Storm
It's the Roc!
It's what we do, beotch!
(Fat shout, whole Roc-A-Fella, Dame Dash)
I'm just f**kin' with 'em (Big Topper, Jay-Z)
Skane-o! It's five in the mornin', let's get out of here
Let's burn..
(Desert Storm, Epic! Switch it up!)