DJ Envy
Feelin the Hate
* uncredited, but +probably+ Charli Baltimore

[Funkmaster Flex]
Murder Inc baby

[Tah Murdah]
Y'all motherf**kers know what this sh*t is
Take over n***a (gimme that sh*t man)
Funk Flex n***a
Murder Inc n***a
Tah Murdah, Black Child, C.B., O1
And my n***a Ja Rule

[Black Child & Tah Murdah]
Yeah put your motherf**kin fingers in the air, we here
And it's money and murda all year
Yo it's nothing but the money, gettin cash you feel us
A hundred mill is deep all black we killers
Nothing but the realer n***as and we after skrilla
So if you in the path or blockin the cash, block and we blast
B*t*h n***a throw em up, we still don't give a f**k
This is Flex sh*t we party reckless you can't exit
And all my nillas if you willin to win it like we in it
Throw your guns up, throw em up, and f**k keepin the chome tucked
Spit on some sh*t and shatted and tear your bones up
Cadillac Escalade sittin on dubs, chromed up
We blow dro in the no-smoking sections
Toting weapons, smokin sessions
N***a better respect it or the paramedics be pressing on your chest
When you gasp for breathe minutes away from death
Remorseless, yeah never the less
When I spit sh*t'll rip through your leather and vest
All my 70's babies on Henny and Haze
Feel me baby, I was slingin twenties in the shade
Killers hate me, n***as wanna see me in my grave
N***as make me, wanna grab the milly and spray
I'm a Pov City hustler, I'm from the Woodhull gutters
Which means it's still murda motherf**ker
[Chorus: Ronnie Bumps]
Have you ever had a pu**y n***a runnin his mouth
That's a n***a that you kill, let him die down south
Get in there, catch the body, spit it and bounce
I'm druged up of an ounce of 'dro, I want dough
And the same n***as who killed your pops, kill em all
Stop, wait, multiply the eight
Feelin the hate, walls come out, get on one
Proper, killer, copper, sh*t has just begun

What, what..
What the f**k, been a menace since +Volume III+
When I was un un un'nin, pu**y second coming
Who the f**k what want it wit'cha
Chrome twenties on a squad of ducks
Sittin spittin fifty get wit me
B*t*h hustle n***a, earn stripes
Me and Chi-ha gunnin a turnpike, turn right
Hit that brickball, hardcore, platinum dog
I get in ya, f**k a stage, ya murderer kill these bars

As far as the dough go I'm hungry, I need this bread
I ain't sharin with none of y'all, I'm killin n***as instead
Poppin lead, somebody's gonna wind up dead
Hard drugs over the edge, I'm out of my head
Y'all n***as ready to die?
I'm layin n***as down flat, you'll be dead in the sky
N***as ain't built for crime
N***as ain't built for street life, so f**k five mics
F**k pigs, f**k police, murda for life n***a

[Ja Rule]
Motherf**kers, I'm untearable and I'll p*ss on you
That heat you spit, I spits that too
Put three in you, match yo' name
It's really the Rule n***a that pops them thangs
For real, it's in my bloodline ready to kill
Cause n***a I happen to know you
It's about time I expose you
The world over, you fraudulent n***as it's all over
Get ready, the hostile murderers take over
You scared but don't know
Cause I like sendin my slugs in excess, and makes the wet steps
I, mack cold blooded and b*t*hes I f**ks love it
I'll a**sa**inate your character and think nothin of it
I'm a Murderer, n***as must not value they life
Cause I'm a Murderer, n***as best be ready to die
I'm a Murderer, n***as scared it's all in they eyes
Funk Flex, I-N-C, it's murda for life

[Tah Murdah]
My n***a BJ
Ronnie Bumps
My n***a Pre
My n***a Dirty
Funk Flex n***a
Funk Flex n***a