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Heather Woods Broderick


[Verse 1]
I pitch my falls to where my [?] running to
I take it my words are getting lost rolling over my tongue
There’s something living on the bottom, barely breathing through the mud
It must be a night crawler, curling from the sun

[Verse 2]
I love a little walk along the water’s edge, passed the pinnacle to the mouth
Where all of the ghosts live in a slipstream, they’re swimming for their health
It all takes me back to when I was in a moment of love
Thirteen miles outside Athenry, on the way to my brother’s house

[Verse 3]
The solar eclipse is travelling to the coast of Oregon
Their shadows will race over the valleys, every [?]
And whatever’s breathing on the bottom, bubbling through the [?]
It might be East by [?], when the moon comes out

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