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Spice 1

"Murder Ain't Crazy"

(chorus): 4x
Groupie ass
b*tch type of n*ggas can't fade me
They're callin' me a lunatic
But murder ain't crazy

(spice 1 - overlapping chorus)
Yeah, yeah, hahahha
Wassup n*gga?
Don't look at me like y'all know who i am
Amerikkka's nightmare
Spice muthaf*ckin' 1
n*gga, young, black
You know i won't give a f*ck

(verse 1):
Old school drop caddy five, six n*ggas
Rollin' up in my rearview
With they fingers up on them triggers
Come let's take a trip
And hop into some gangsta sh*t with me
13 caps for them n*ggas who wanna get with me
Get at me n*ggas empty enough clips at me
Wanna put some holes and some muthaf*ckin rips in me
But i don't give a f*ck i just stay strapped
And be a soldier about that sh*t
When it comes to peelin' their caps n*gga
So won't ya get your blast on
And if you miss me with your 13 shots
n*gga your ass's gone
Cause i'm gon hit you on that first shot
And then i ain't gon stop
Until some muthaf*ckas call the cops
Then i'll be 187 thousand like my song say
Cause you was f*ckin' with this n*gga on the wrong day

(chorus): 4x

(verse 2):
See i be raisin' them up off the block
With my ???
Quick to come with get in bust some caps in my city
I comes with much cloud
And whenever one n*gga could take me out
Rollin' him up like levis cough him and stuff him
Key him like bean pies
And n*ggas be talkin' that sh*t
But yo ain't none of them runnin' up
I'm gunnin' up the next n*gga is feelin' buck shots
I thought you n*ggas knew
I'm finna smoke that n*gga boost of my 6 deuce
And when i gat that ass someone'll leave him lyin' there
Cryin' there the muthaf*cka's dyin' there
And mr. lawrence better have insurance
Cause i'ma g-a-gat that ass with the touriz
Rocka-bye baby goin' crazy
Punk muthaf*ckas like you can't fade me
Tryin' to squabb with the clip and the trigger
Ol' groupie ass b*tch type of n*gga

(chorus): 4x
Groupie ass b*tch type of n*ggas can't fade me
Grabs my .45 and puts down my .380
I creep up on they ass tip-toe with the pump
Split a n*gga down the middle like phillie blunt
I keeps my strap by my sides to keep n*ggas in check
And all my posse pack Glock .9's uzi thangs and tecs
You see we rolls down the block 3 o'clock in the morning
Endo got us gone and strap mobile phones
And about 5 ki's in the back of the trunk
n*ggas down ass f*ck but we don't wanna funk
Cause, ahh, transportation is the sh*t we used to do
Had a whole shop dropped mobs spot and crew
W-a-with a ring on my muthaf*ckin' cellular
As i heard a n*gga screamin': 'get the f*ck out the car!'
n*gga let me get my chronic and my endo sacc
As my dj x-tralarge blew that b*tch on his back
Runnin' up on some players so i had to figure
He was a groupie ass b*tch type of n*gga

(chorus with overlap):
Whassup n*gga?
Y'all muthaf*ckas ain't fadin' a real last g
Peelin' cap for the muthaf*ckin' strive
n*gga you don't wanna f*ck with this
You don't won't none of this
Step back n*gga
Just listen
Watch muthaf*cka
Look at some real last n*ggas rip sh*t up
For '94
Punk ass n*gga
Back again with some of that murder sh*t
Spiggedy one whippin' up on that ass for '94 and '95 b*tch
What y'all n*ggas know about a real last g
Ha, i kicks gangsta sh*t daily
187 thousand g

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