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Spice 1

"My Life"

[ VERSE 1: Jayo Felony ]
Can't stop, won't stop, n*gga, that's that Crip Hop
Roll until I hit the top, find a b*tch to break my crop
Hit a switch and then a drop, if it's a club then she gon' hop
From club to club and di*k to di*k, trick b*tch, hush the sh*t
Hit licks for big chips, get rich, retire quick
Spit sh*t for convicts and hoes that's full of nonsense
f*ck a guilty conscience, I kill sh*t regardless
It's real sh*t, the hardest, the realest regardless
Don't ever try to get sh*t started, that's retarded
You ain't gotta ask how we got in, we bogarted
Y'all gon' know how we lay sh*t down, it ain't no secret
And it's gon' stay in the fam, n*gga, that's how we gon' keep it
It ain't no time for jokin, n*gga, f*ck the Dreamcast
Busters be mad, see well on a misssion that means cash
You better soak up some game and learn to be a rich roller
Shots hit you through your window while you was holdin your controller
Now it's over

[ Chorus: Joi Patrice ]
All my life I played this game
And my life is full of pain
I don't know if I'll ever change
Perkin on drink and smokin Mary Jane

[ VERSE 2: Spice 1 ]
My life is full of sin, too much drama in California
n*ggas runnin up on ya to dump and put you in a coma
Or worse, six feet, get put as deep as you stand
Get carried by five homies, your brother the sixth man
Think about your life and what you got to live for
You may not have a lot of money but you still find a way to glow
Just keep pushin and strivin, livin one day at a time
Have patience with life and one day your light'll shine
And when you shine, watch them n*ggas that watch you gleam
Cause envy brings n*ggas to jack for bling-bling
In my life it's hard to deal with the pain
But it's part of bein a man, it's part of the game
Accept the sh*t and move on, partner, and hope for the best
Cause the best way to get some revenge is through success
Cause they don't like to see you come from nothin to somethin
Single in rotation on the radio bumpin

[ Chorus: Joi Patrice ]

[ VERSE 3: Celly Cel ]
When I really think about it, life is f*cked up
All the sh*t I did and man, I'm still here, I lucked up
I know it's people prayin for my soul every day
Before I go to bed I get down on my knees and pray
n*ggas like me ain't gon' never be sh*t
If you can't shoot a basketball or grab the mic and make a hit
We set up to fail before we get a opportunity
It's easy access to drugs in the black community
So we choose it, we sell it and we use it
We like to live our life fast and know we might even lose it
Abuse it, with 40oz. Mad Dog and hard liquor
Have you catchin cases, makin a n*gga walk the yard quicker
It ain't no love, mayne, mama didn't raise a thug
But I got caught up in the streets, I like to taste the blood
I like drug money, 211 thug money
I ran the streets fascinated by that blood money

[ Chorus: Joi Patrice (2X) ]

[ Joi Patrice ]
I don't know if I'll ever change
And get out the game
I've been hustlin for too long
I've been strugglin and doin wrong

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