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Spice 1


[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I won't deny it I'm a straight ridah, ridah, ridah
Label me a trouble maker 'cause I'm a ridah
Death to you playa haters, don't let me find ya

[Verse One: Spice 1]
I'm fully loaded in more than one way, Monday through Sunday
Mutha f*ckas hit the dirt while I hit gunja
I'm a mutha f*ckin rebel and you know I don't pause
I leave n*ggas wit they balls shot off and bloody draws
Playin' in the ally screamin' murder f*ckin with mine
Somebody please call 911 like Wyclef Jon
Uzi's too like Mary J, I'm born to sin
Take my AK and spray a happy face in your biz
f*ck you n*gga you ain't never seen a ridah like me
So quit talkin like you can't be touched 'cause I be
The first muth f*cka to put hands on you, boy
My mutha f*ckin mission is to seek and destroy
Any b*tch made n*gga get clapped out the game
I got the mutha f*ckin hard balls and brains
To blow noodles out the back of yo head and get away
Is you seein what I'm sayin? Smellin me, feelin me?
I got a slug wit ya name on it causin myself
So if you see me comin gunnin betta run like a stealth
I get a new as*h*le put in your back
You mutha f*ckas can't see me when I'm fadin black

[Verse Two: Jayo Felony]
n*gga not you know I'll have your mutha f*ckin crew sprayed
I come through dumpin on you, rainin' on your whole parade
It's Ready Mack, G's like me be slangin up on these toes
I c*ck the hammer back on Nina than I let her go
The murder show, live from the Bay it's on fool
I video tape that sh*t and make em play it on pay-per-view
To let em know how real it is in Killa Kali Life
These n*ggas out here scandalous chasin Killa Kali stripes
One love to the n*ggas out here dodgin bullets
Ain't no tellin when the day gon' come, they catch you slip they c*ck it, pull it
It's all a part of the game, runnin the streets you takin' risks
The police jack us in the cuffs so tight they breakin' wrists
Got us throwin straps, knowin that we need 'em on us
We never know when another crew gon' come through dumpin on us
Know they want us cause we puttin' too much work in
Cool when we sober, psychotic when we perkin'

[Verse Three: Celly Cel]
Y'all bullsh*ttin, I'll be runnin down for you
Watch my homies ignore you, we f*ck wit nuttin' but warriors
And it's meant to be so we gonna make sure it goes down like expected
All these coward ass suckas sayin this bullsh*t on records
Y'all ain't got the balls to conquer any situation
Leave em confused and facin' while I carry a whole nation
These b*tches know what's up, but y'all don't know who you're facin'
Radio gon' bang this sh*t or we kill the whole station
Y'all some corporate ass faggots with nuttin but di*k in your house
So when the lights go out ain't nothin but di*k in your mouth
Scared n*ggas don't f*ck around and get dissed in a verse
Heard nobody work for you unless they p*ss on you first
It gets worst, you switch hit it got a wife and kids at home
How you gonna explain this sh*t when your kids get grown
n*ggas keep crackin with this sh*t cause this is from the heart sh*t
And we f*ck with ridahs that end sh*t when y'all just started, we cold hearted

[Chorus] - repeated 5X

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