Spice 1

"True Worldwide Playaz"

[Too $hort talking] (D-Shot)
(D-shot) Yeah that's right
Too Sheezie in the house
(Let's get that money man.)
Uh I'm all about my money man
I be tryin to tell these breezies all the time
How I'm gon buy you all this and that?
Treat you how you treatin me, like a sucka
Thank so main
How you gonna be a playa man when you a trick?
Baby that don't even make no sense
Everything don't match. (Sure don't.)
You know what I'm sayin Shot bay-bay?
(I feel ya.) Yeah you know
I always got time to chop it up with my real ones

[Too $hort]
Now when it comes to me, M.C. stands for makin cash
Come see me after midnight and I'm takin that
I bet you Short dog ain't no ancient myth
I'm from the bay area where we make them hits
And get paid for it, how you feel now?
We sellin tapes, in every real town
From here to New York, back to California
Homies eatin chicken, standin on the corner
Ain't doin nothin out here but hustlin
Tryin to live good but a playa still strugglin
Don't let the clean Benz fool ya
Just buy the tape and let Short dog school ya
It's hard to believe, y'all can't understand it
Made a hundred songs just like I planned it
Put it down y'all can't take nothin from me
You can rap all you want but if you ain't makin money
Can't do what I did when I was just a kid
Sold tapes to my friends for fives and tens
Now I sell a million to a million fans
They used to doubt me, now they know I'm the man
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