Spice 1

"Dusted ‘n’ Disgusted"

[Verse 1: E-40 & Richie Rich]
I'm really not all that sure about when things is finna mature
So lemme find me a n***a with a grip
And hit his ass quick with one of them licks
What's the definition of a lick?
Takin' a n***a's sh*t (ayy, put that on somethin')

I put that on The Click, The Click
Back to f**kin' work, one of the homies just got dusted
Time to do some dirt, uh, I never trusted them bustas
Shot him in the shirt, dead on arrival
Now the town is funkin', it's called survival

What y'all wanna do? They got us skunked
(Well if, uh, we can just, uh—)
If it was a fifth, we'll all be drunk
I'm heated, them n***as cheated, played me false
We had a meetin', sh*t 'posed to been squashed
I noticed one killer on the double dribble and set him up, y'all
She likes the Monie in the Middle, play tetherball
Thick-ass b*t*h, high yellow city-slicker
Scarecrow creepin' Southern b*t*hes, a.k.a. Posie pu**yfictitious

[Verse 2: Spice 1]
n***a been holdin' guts
But sh*t on hisself and a funky bill
Pullin' out bills, frontin' on material sh*t
That's when I get to killin' sh*t (killin' sh*t)
And settin' him up and havin him catchin' a couple of slugs
Tryna f**k with savage thug
Pistol pop in they ass
See, n***as be gettin' this twisted
It's that b*t*h that killed ya
Took all your money, peeled ya
Seven n***as bust in the room with AKs
While a n***a be puttin' on his jimmy
All of a sudden they shoot up your nutsack
Before you can hit the broccoli
See money-a-made that n***a, that n***a didn't make that money
Left them n***as jacked up, and the b*t*h she macked him
He's a busta, punk ass n***a, don't know the streets
That's why that n***a naked layin' dead in between some bloody sheets
It's just a part of the game he didn't feel
b*t*hes will kill, f**k a n***a, out his last d-uh dollar bill
You don't know that ho, mayne, that b*t*h can't be trusted
Dusted and di-motherf**kin'-sgusted
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