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Spice 1


Urgh urgh aw sh*t what´s this new 900 number sh*t
Let me call that sh*t and see what the f*ck this is all about
This better not be no bullsh*t either
What the f*ck is this ?
Who the f*ck is this ?

Hello you reached the muthaf*ckin' S-P-I-C-E
Me the ruthless n***a from 187 faculty
I'm f*ckin' it up 'cause I´m a n***a from the old school
Straight out the roots like some muthaf*ckin' soul food
N***as and b*tches hear my rhyme and they be gettin' loose
Because 187 proof will get the hoes juiced
Excuse expression but I'm simply just a crazy n***a
Who can't help kickin' the funky sh*t to make my pockets bigger
And try to school S-P-I-C-E get a late pass
Because the FAC is pumpin' your ass up like a gauge blast
A-N-T-B-A-N-K-S is kickin' funky jams
Knockin your n***as out the box like a batter ram
I got the faculty in back of me don´t mess with me
Cause murderism is my muthaf*ckin' specialty
Comin' with the gangsta sh*t I kick it all the time b*tch
Talkin' bout killin' muthaf*ckas dumpin' 'em in a ditch
Cause if its funky yo its funky n***a deal with it
Punk ass n***as be comin' fake I'm comin' real with it
I'm sick as f*ck so don't step to me and play me close
I'll have you hung from a muthaf*ckin' phone post
Spice 1 is kickin' that funky gangsta sh*t that's hardly pure
I won´t be needin' a doctor
187's the cure
Because I'm quick to pick the phone up and say : f*ck 'em all
This is an obscene phone call

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