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Spice 1

"Im A Beast Hit Em Up"

First Biggie died, Pac died
You know what I'm sayin', everything was cool, laid back
Now we got this f*ckboy Flex!
So we gon' do it like this:

[Verse 1]
Put 'em up on the scoop
It's Mr. Bossalini the rider
Got a Desert Eagle with slugs gotta get deep inside ya
First off, f*ck boyflex and his fake-ass name
Talkin' dead on my dead homie, the game is on fame
f*ck f*ckboy Flex and the Flex [?]
And the next n*gga that flex be next to [?]
Decapacitate the motherf*ckers, leave 'em broke down, a bleeding
For talkin' sh*t about a real n*gga that's not longer breathin'
Old coward-ass lame-ass game-less n*gga
I'm a piece 'till I die ([?] n*gga!)
It's two real-ass n*ggas dead over the type of sh*t
That you tryna get started, f*ck n*gga
You look retarded on YouTube cryin'
sh*t, I wish I was there to slap you
Right when the ten drop I woulda nap you
Night-night n*gga (blaw!)
You [?] box
Shoot yourself in the foot
You f*cked around with the Mob
Still West Side, n*gga, but still love the East
But these b*tch-ass n*ggas like you to bring out the beast
Peace, n*gga


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