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Spice 1

"Trigga Happy"

[Dope Fiend Willie:]

Heh Heh Yeah goddamn it's that old gangsta sh*t right there boy goddamn
sh*t heh heh
This is Dope Fiend Willy from the last mutha f*ckin record I want the
Ten piece hey I got me some now I don't give a f*ck but uh huh yeah you
All ain't gonna know nothin bout this O.G. sh*t
Unless you start knowin sumpim about Uzi's and sh*t So uh?

[Verse 1: Spice 1]

Now this 380 was a b*tch who used to ho up on my block
She lived on smith-n-wesson with that pimp Mr. Glock
Now Glock had many b*tches, he sold pus*y by the pound
And b*tches jocked his trigga everytime he came around
Big baller, big game shooter until he met that crazy mutha f*cka Mr
Now ruger was a pimp too, He had his own hoes
Mrs Hollow Tip and Nina who wore ho'ish clothes
G-string up the ass with the big fat clitoris
Drinkin that Colt 45 cuz she's a gangsta b*tch
I love my nina and my nina loves me mutha f*cka's think I'm crazy
Cuz I'm trigga happy

Chorus in the background:

Trigga happy, Trigga happy, Trigga happy n*gga
(repeat 4X)

[Dope Fiend Willie:]

Heh heh, well goddamn smith-n-wesson, heh heh heh, I got me a colt 45
Back at the mutha f*ckin house heh heh, yeah I'm ready to do somethin'
With one of these little ol'young mutha f*cka's heh heh yeah, but I
Think maybe a ol' ten piece hook me up mutha f*cka I know you got that
Yeah mutha f*ckin Dope Fiend Willie in the house, don't give a f*ck
About no n*gga heh mutha f*cka sh*t

[Verse 2: Spice 1]

Mr Snubnose slangin the yay out the bullet shed
And Mrs Mossberg blowin up his (???)
And the sh*t it don't be gettin no better, you gotta watch for that
Crooked ass cop Officer Beretta
Put your ass in a sling, check out that skinny ass b*tch deuce deuce
Thinking she miss thing
And Mr tech nine lookin for some convo and he jammed and stuttered when
He could had a ho
But he still knockin boots from hell to heaven n*gga got a page about
Three feety seven
Didn't pay for for the c*ck, so now he got a deal with that b*tch's pimp mr

Chrous in the background:
(Repeat 3X)

[Dope Fiend Willie:]

Yeah yeah I like that new sh*t boy yeah heh heh trigga happy, trigga
Happy HEH trigga happy n*gga Yeah I like that sh*t. I'm bout to go
Over here and talk to these girls over here damn baby what you got on
And sh*t

[Verse 3: Spice 1]

Now every n*gga's wavin peace to the nine
Cuz Glock hit the block in a jeep drinkin cheap wine
With his n*gga AK drug kingpin gotta find Mr Technine do his ass in
n*ggas plottin hits plottin schemes but Mr Technine's got an AR-15
An OG n*gga from the hood got his cash on rollin fly brooms smokin
Chronic to the f*ckin dome
And Mr Glock got the word from his people Mr Technine's havin a party
At the Desert Eagle
So right in front of the club when he checked his beeper
Technine blasted his ass with the street sweeper

Chorus in the background:
(repeat 4X)

[Dope Fiend Willie:]

(Smoking) (coughing) goddamn sh*t f*ck yall and your folks got these
Days? That old chronic sh*t look at that! Goddamn boy let me get
Another hit of that sh*t ( smoking) goddamn (coughing)
You ol' trigga happy mutha f*ckin youth

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