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Spice 1

"I’m High"

Artist: Spice 1
Album: Tha Black Bossalini
Song: I'm High

Chorus: I'm high (repeat 6X)

S-P-I-C-E about to hit it and crawl
Pull up the vega make it fat n*gga got the crush nasty for a playa
Purple Haze got me hittin the switches and rollin bats up
With some n*ggas who don't want to put the gats up
I'm high til I kick the bucket
f*ck it, throw some blunts on my coffin and I'll
Smoke it with the dead n*ggas
Light it up like the Fourth of July
Type of chronic make a dead n*gga wake up high
I gets higher than giraffe pus*y
And n*ggas know I got to smoke about half ounce, before I flow
It ain't no bammer in my zig-zag, or in my blunt
There ain't no weed in the studio, we on a hunt
To get the sticky ass green sh*t, shut em down
You can find a little chron' spot in every town
n*gga sell a twenty ten sacks up on the block
Break the doobies in the ashtray down to roll a chopper
I'm addicted to the THC, gettin f*cked up
Leave your doobies around they gettin sucked up
Lungs like a motherf*ckin vacuum cleaner
Mobbin on the 580 smokin out the Beamer
Just call me Dr. Bomb from the Bay
Hit ya in the chest with the chron like an A.K
Kick back lay back and throw them feet up
Sometimes I wanna roll, a whole f*ckin tree up
I break it down, halves and O's
Smoking more than a broke down sixty-four
And ain't no n*gga in the world that can outsmoke me
The muthaf*ckin chronic addict S-P-I-C-E
Bill Clinton hit the chronic and he didn't inhale
But I'm gonna cough a f*ckin lung up for n*ggas in jail

Chorus 4X

Smokin pot before twelve, ain't no secret to my homies
Step the f*ck in your face with the smell of chronic on me
It's the C-H-R-O-N-I-C
Havin withdrawals about a quarter to three
About to loc the f*ck up cuz the Fed hit the weed zone
And n*ggas tryin to sell me backyard homegrown
I need the motherf*ckin bomb break down the bail
Roll it up in a fat ass chocolate zail
Mr. Endo smoked em all
Which every n*gga hit the joint, cough, gag and crawl
Suckin in weed smoke with my nose
Hit the joint ten seconds hold it in for twenty-four
It's puff puff pass
n*gga quit f*ckin the weed or I'mma bank on your b*tch ass

Chorus 8X

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