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Spice 1


[ Ant Banks ]
( *burp* )
Aw sh*t
One of them fake-ass answer machines again
( *dial tone* )

[ VERSE 1: Spice 1 ]
Mi-ni-mi pickin up da phone to hear da ring-a-ding-ling-a
Mi hope ya not a cop, cause mi be slingin dem things-a
Da n*ggas up on mi block, dey got much love for da game-a
Jah man, just put your hands up if you slingin da caine-a
Mi got to get mi propers, if it snow, shine or rain-a
Mi pockets got di bumps cause mi so sick in da game-a
Gafflin muthaf*ckas, sellin em rocks on da streets-a
Ya want your money back, ya got to meet millimeter
Mi maxin up on the block with dis n*gga from the Fac-a
Mi gots mi cellular phone, in the bushes was mi gat-a
Ya can't f*ck with mi posse cause mi posse be strapped
Ya want your ganja, Xtra Large'll you a fat 20 sack-a
The 187, the Faculty is back up in the house-a
So roll up da canibus and put it up in your mouth-a

Geah man

[ Ant Banks ]
Yeah, you tight with all that gangsta sh*t, partner, right?
But I heard you ain't the n*gga you claim to be, right?
You one of them studio gangsta muthaf*ckas
So what's up with that, n*gga?

[ VERSE 2: Spice 1 ]
Giggagiggada-gangsta, giggaggida-gangsta
S-p-i-c-e is a real one, and not a pranksta
Mi like to bust-bang, shootin em up, mi Glocks hang
Shootin out da window of mi drop-top Mustang
Aim for da chest while Ant Banks hold di clip
Mi buckin em down, mi buckin em down cause for mi kilo mi killa
Roll up a 20 sack, call mi da gangsta mack
Look down da street and you see me, n*gga, slingin crack
The dopeman set up shop on mi block
So call 187 line and order your rock-a

Geah man

[ caller ]
Ah yeah
This - ah
Liquor Store Willie - ah
I wanna -
I want some for 10 dollars
Can you do somethin for me for 10?

[ Spice 1 ]
Mi n*gga Ant Banks, come down with di funky breakdown
( *inhaling, coughing* )
Damn man
This ganja gets you f*cked up, man
Mi need lick up another 20 sack
Geah man

[ VERSE 3: Spice 1 ]
Mi kickin da rasta sh*t, but mi not Shabba Ranks-a
Mi Spice 1, di muthaf*ckin gangsta
Mi smokin da dank and it just might make mi kill ya
If you comin at me talkin about sinsemilia
Mi n*gga G-Nut put together Endonesia
Mi call it Gaja, give me some fire-a
Can't lit di ashes, hits me in mi eye-a
Before mi lead bust got to get mi headrush
Even though Endonesia make me nervous
Mi got mi nine and mi coolin up on di block
Play mi for a fool, mi take his chest with mi Glock
Let dem n*ggas know not to be rushin mi knot
So call 1-800 line and order your rock
Geah man

[ caller ]
Uh yeah
Uh this - eh
Suck-Your-di*k Sally from the liquor store down the block
Uh - I ain't got no money, but I'll suck your di*k for a 10 piece

[ VERSE 4: Spice 1 ]
Before mi lay mi start, let mi say peace to mi nine
Cause in mi neighborhood young n*ggas do di crime
It's a ghetto thang to the East Bay Gangsta
The city streets make a n*gga want to shank ya
Break yourself, now you f*cked in the game
The killin dance is a goddamn shame
Money or murder, it's 187 proof-a
So Ant Banks, bust da gin and da juice-a
Mi signed with Jive, now mi Jive-ass n*gga
Break down di doja, roll it up a little bigger
Mi watch da b*tches cause da b*tches a-gold digger
So D the Poet, won't you pass mi the liquor
The dopeman set up shop on mi block
So call 1-800 and order your rocks

Geah man

[ Ant Banks ]
Ah no, Spice
I don't want no rocks and sh*t, man
I'm callin cause I heard you was a fake-ass studio gangster
Ain't never had a gun
Ain't never been to jail
Ain't never shot a muthaf*cka
And I'm just tired of this fake-ass sh*t you kickin all over this tape
I'm tired of it, man, I'm tired of it
I ain't buyin it
f*ck that sh*t
You fake, partner
f*ck that
f*ck that
I'm out, man

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