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Spice 1

"Break Yourself"

[MC Ant]
Ayyo Spice all these rich motherf*ckers keep going to the record stores buyin these fake ass raps
You know what I'm sayin'?

[Spice 1]
Yeah , Yeah
I hear you byte all that fake sh*t
n*ggas need to get up on the hardcore sh*t
You know what I'm sayin'?

[MC Ant]
Ay man, you still got the ski mask and them gats
I'm ready to jack these motherf*ckers
I'll make to break themselves

[Spice 1]
Yeah, f*ck that
Lets handle that business
Huh, yeah

[MC Ant]
You gotta flow sumptin funky

[Spice 1]
Check it:
Spice 1 is f*ckin' it up upon the flow
And if you got the static motherf*cker we can go
My homie Ant Banks got the bass line thumpin'
Stop a n*gga heart cause by my music they thumpin'
Spice is on the one and Ant is on the two
But ya'll don't kick it yet because a n*gga just ain't through
Comin hard as f*ck I be like acin' and I'm icin'
Steppin' into the ring f*ckin' 'em up like Michael Tyson
Gimme all your cash
'Cause I'm about to blast
And bust 50 bullets in your motherf*ckin' ass
n*ggas think I'm crazy cause I'm poppin' off at the mouth
And plus I had the chopper pointed at your damned house
My name is Spice 1, I be a vicious motherf*cker
Get you for a key and leave you lyin' in the gutter
And if you think it's possible to harm 'em
I be stickin' my foot up in your ass like it was Charmin
So n*gga break yourself and buy the motherf*ckin tape
The beat'll f*ck your ears like a statuatory rape
Murderous n*gga on the gangsta tip
So MC Ant cover me while I reload the motherf*ckin clip
And by the way, if you want your life don't take yourself
Buy the dope ass record and brake yourself

Huh, yeah
You know what I'm sayin ?
Got MC Ant in the motherf*ckin' house
He came to break these motherf*ckers
Load the clip and handle your business partner

[MC Ant]
A-N-T is like a motherf*ckin' pro in it
n*ggas didn't know that I kick it funky and flow wit it
Straight up out the O-A-K-L-A-N-D
Coolin' all the b*tches when I be on the late night tweak
Who's that on the corner be stoppin' and starin' to makin' 'em stutter
Was that MC Ant the rip-a-rappin motherf*cker
187 with the 211 and progress
So get out the sh*t break b*tch because I'll just
Pistol whip your ass and slam the tape
I pop if you wanna brake and dump you off in the lake
Run if you dumb di*k I'm quick to pop the clip
Slip if you wanna slip, I'm tough and won't even trip
Don't move and you won't get hurt
Take off your motherf*ckin clothes and put your face in the dirt
This is a genuine gank move b*tch
So give me your money and your jewels and make me rich
Another n*gga might play it on a cool tip
But Ant and Spice won't be takin no bullsh*t
Everything n*gga even your gold tooth
I knock the motherf*cker lose if you want prove
Cause I'm down for the mail
And if it's worth the jail I'm out on bail
If it ain't given I'll straight up take your wealth
Tell a motherf*cker straight up brake yourself

And thats how we run that sh*t on this motherf*ckin stage right now
You know what I'm sayin ?
Ay, Spice
I want you to step to 'em and kick it one more time
With that gangsta sh*t

[Spice 1]
Check it
It's like a G-O , and I kick in a bankin a motherf*cker
So stop at the red light and I just wanted a battle
Another rich ass n*gga on a ego tip
Give up the rolex watch [???] b*tch
And have ya both in the back of a black hearse
b*tch if you want your life give me your f*ckin purse
This is a HALLOWEEN trick or treat
But if you trick you get beat shut up left dead in the street
Cause 187 is runnin sh*t up in the house
Down to shoot you in your motherf*ckin mouth
And Mc Ant of O-A-K-L-A-N-D
Is with the faculty and S-P-I-C-E
So put the goodies inside the bag
This ain't a lolly gag stick in my clip and raise him up out his jag
I let the motherf*ckin 9 click
Comin at our dome kickin funky gangsta sh*t
So n*gga empty your pocket pull out your bank roll
Try to be a hero and let us nut up your ass hole
Cause Arnold Schwarzenegger just play parts
But I specialize in stoppin n*gga's hearts
187 is sendin n*ggas to ghetto heaven
We beat the funk out your eardrums and keep it revin
So don't pound too hard and f*ck up your health
And by the way drop the Abraham Lincolns and brake yourself

[MC Ant]
Motherf*cker you wanna spent that money on that bass hip
You wanna get the bomb baby

[Spice 1 & MC Ant]
Yeah , n*gga brake yourself and get with the real sh*t
Yeah , n*gga , Mc Ant and Spice in the house
With Ant Banks on the tracks
Yeah , Ant Banks in the motherf*ckin house
187 motherf*cker
Goin out to all you motherf*ckers
We got the dope sh*t
Bustin caps in your motherf*ckin eardrums
Straight jackin it , I'm out

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