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Spice 1

"187 Pure"

I once knew a n*gga named Endo Weed
Used to hang out with killers slang Ice and Speed
Speed had a little b*tch named Mary Jane
Who had a brother named Coke and he carried a cane
Coke and Endo two big macks
Coke had a grenade, told Endo catch
Doin' it just for fun best frinds don't gank
You catch 'em kickin' it at the park a lot f*ckin' wit Dank
Dank was real just a hardcore n*gga
Shot his b*tch up cause she drank all the liquor
Seen him at the park drinkin' 40's last week
Did a drive-by on some n*ggas in a Jeep
He shot up Heroin and P.C.P
Some n*ggas from a clique called L.S.D
These n*ggas wasn't playin' they got straight to the point
Shot up his mothers house col' smoked the joint
All he left was two brothers by the last name Doobie
Two midget ass gangsters both strapped both nuttey
One had the nine and the other had the 4-5
When they did a ht it took 'em both to drive
Didn't use nuttin' fast like a Vette or a Jag
Did a drive-by in the mutha f*ckin' drop top Zig-Zag
Coke and his sister Mary Jane
On Marijuana block drinkin' 40's to the brain
And wadn't trippin' off the gunshots
Cause on Marijuana block no one calls the cops
The mutha f*ckin' murder rap got you keyed for sure
Cause it's 187 PURE- check it out

Endo smoked 'em all

Sessame street, where Coke pimped ho's with a glass pipe
And got paid green at midnight
Wadn't no more Hennessey
So the cops had ta roll up Sess. for me
Officer Taylor with the high beams
Talkin' that gang sh*t strapped wit a dope screen
Ran up on Coke and Jane
f*cked up Coke and beat him down with his own cane
Said you better quite f*ckin' with Dank
Cause if you don't I'll turn your ass to crank
And smashed off on a speedball
Cause he just got the Doobie brothers drive-by call
Dank hit the corner something caught his eye
That sexy ass black b*tch Chocolate Tye
She was thick and rich, b*tch couldn't be cuter
Had nice brown eyes and a big round budda
Took her to the 'tel didn't pull no stunts
Told the b*tch he was f*ckin', the n*gga was quite blunt
The mutha f*ckin' murder rap got ya keyed for sure
Cause it was 187 PURE- check it out

This is your brain on - Endo smoked 'em all

Sssss sss cof, god damn Ssssss ssss this that real sh*t, damn
Cof, cof, cof, cof god damn boy
Where the f*ck you get this from, 73rd, sh*t

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