Spice 1

"Cutthroat Game"

[Verse 1]
All this time I been, strategizing my uprising
When you motherf**kers thought I fell off, but I'm still ridin
n***as must've forgotten who got the gangsta sh*t poppin
N.W.A, Too Short, Spice 1, And 2Pac
And f**k you n***as rappin wack sh*t, you dodgin the game
I keep two little twin Glocks, bring you the pain
We can bust wit these pistols or throw up from the shoulders
Cause you mark-ass n***as can't f**k wit old school soldiers
Back in the day in 80 tre, young n***as was slangin bolders
And spot and spit gangsta rhythms and poetry colder
Then the average motherf**ker, man you n***as is suckas
Kissin the record company ass when all they gon do is f**k us
Givin up ya points and publishing, man don't act like no b*t*h
n***a, It's art and you the artist, be down for ya sh*t
n***a, It's hard, gut you the hardest, be down for ya name
Cause it's a mo-motherf**kin cu-cu-cutthroat game

[Chorus 2x]
I'm standin in the path of a hurricane
Livin on the edge of a razor, man
I'm tryin to keep it crackin, But it ain't the same
Cause the game so cutthroat, Cutthroat

[Verse 2]
Excuse me lil n***a, what the f**k did you say?
I been platinum since 91 from Japan to the East Bay
f**k what he say or she say
I got ridahs from susanville to n***as up in chino pressin replay
Gangsta walker, professional sh*t talker
Spendin rap money from 89, Call me the time baller
This ghetto baller wasn't puttin hands on you solos
f**k you up on the mic and put slugs through ya car, Though
First, you dumb motherf**ker, then you the motherf**ker
Then you some motherf**ker, again f**k all you suckas
My first album went gold wit nobody but me on it
One of the first gangsta rappers wit a plaque rollin weed on it
Glocks and pistols on the album cover
Pointin heat in my videos, callin my enemies suckas
I was 16 wit hustler's dreams
From bein a ballin-ass rapper, Take some cream
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