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Spice 1

"Cutthroat Game"

[Verse 1]
All this time I been, strategizing my uprising
When you motherf*ckers thought I fell off, but I'm still ridin
n*ggas must've forgotten who got the gangsta sh*t poppin
N.W.A, Too Short, Spice 1, And 2Pac
And f*ck you n*ggas rappin wack sh*t, you dodgin the game
I keep two little twin Glocks, bring you the pain
We can bust wit these pistols or throw up from the shoulders
Cause you mark-ass n*ggas can't f*ck wit old school soldiers
Back in the day in 80 tre, young n*ggas was slangin bolders
And spot and spit gangsta rhythms and poetry colder
Then the average motherf*cker, man you n*ggas is suckas
Kissin the record company ass when all they gon do is f*ck us
Givin up ya points and publishing, man don't act like no b*tch
n*gga, It's art and you the artist, be down for ya sh*t
n*gga, It's hard, gut you the hardest, be down for ya name
Cause it's a mo-motherf*ckin cu-cu-cutthroat game

[Chorus 2x]
I'm standin in the path of a hurricane
Livin on the edge of a razor, man
I'm tryin to keep it crackin, But it ain't the same
Cause the game so cutthroat, Cutthroat

[Verse 2]
Excuse me lil n*gga, what the f*ck did you say?
I been platinum since 91 from Japan to the East Bay
f*ck what he say or she say
I got ridahs from susanville to n*ggas up in chino pressin replay
Gangsta walker, professional sh*t talker
Spendin rap money from 89, Call me the time baller
This ghetto baller wasn't puttin hands on you solos
f*ck you up on the mic and put slugs through ya car, Though
First, you dumb motherf*cker, then you the motherf*cker
Then you some motherf*cker, again f*ck all you suckas
My first album went gold wit nobody but me on it
One of the first gangsta rappers wit a plaque rollin weed on it
Glocks and pistols on the album cover
Pointin heat in my videos, callin my enemies suckas
I was 16 wit hustler's dreams
From bein a ballin-ass rapper, Take some cream

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
I ain't sayin you smoke crack, But you actin kinda crackish
If you ain't knowin bout Bossalini that gangsta mackish
f*ck the taliban n*gga, it was the caliban
Then cali got scared of the gangsta sh*t we was sayin
Doin and livin, breathing, eatin, and sh*ttin
Ebonic spittin, n*ggas dumber than fo spittin
West coast thug sh*t to the fullest, it's automatic
If it's drama, then we comin 3 deep, that's how we at it
I ain't sayin you smoke crack, but you actin kinda crackish
If you ain't knowin bout bossalini that gangsta mackish
I'm still gettin fan mail from switzerland spain
And I'm bout to drop some more thug sh*t in the game
Remember record company rule #4080?
Watch ya back cause motherf*ckers is shady
By the way, don't let these industry motherf*ckers get up in ya brain
Cause it's a mo-motherf*ckin cu-cutthroat game

[Chorus 7x]

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