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Spice 1

"Pimp Pizzle"

[Chorus x2: Spice 1]
Thug Thizzle, Pimp pimp pizzle
She can't tell if it's my di*k or my pistol

[Dru Down]
Thug thizzlin, Pimp pimp pizzlin
She love my style and my game so sizzlin

[Verse 1: Spice 1]

I can turn from player to killer in about two s-s-seconds flat
Fetch yo hat for you n*gga, Bring that motherf*cker back
Picture that, Picture me rollin in a benz black
Picture me hittin corners and rollin the chronic sack
Picture me thug thizzlin, n*gga keepin it bossy
Bossy shh a shakin these haters, ke a Keepin them off me
How many n*ggas out here gon be catchin some slugs
Before somebody says don't f*ck wit the thugs
My fo-five is chrome just like my shoes 22's
Try a smith and wesson, if Bossalini done paid his dues
I draw down if dru down draw down on a n*gga
Do some thug sh*t wit these heaters until they feel us
Head, Shoulders, Knees, And toes
Mix the pi A pimpin with the thug thizzo
Di a dime pieces on me like tatos
When we mix a thug thizzle wit the pimp pizzle

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Dru Down]

I'm givin 'em what they want, n*gga straight pimpin
I'm dippin up and down the track, I'm belvadere sippin
I'm movin slow wit my interior light on
I'm givin a show just to knock me one of these bad hoes
I'm rollin N tires wit these big rims
The b*tch may fold, but n*gga what you been?
Boy I'm all in, I put the p up in pimpin
No simpin, I been doin this for a minute
I'm rippin and runnin, Yes, I'm automatically gunnin
I been like cash money millionaires straight stunnin
Pimpin is nothin, I gotta pimp bone in my body that knocks hottie especially on a friday
It's my way or the highway
That's what me and chico tell a b*tch that's ready to get a grip cheaa
Its straight p-i-mp-i-ng and a G-6 wit me, See
I'm gifted, I speak these words so fluent
They make a b*tch jump into it, It's nothin to it
Because I'm pimp pimp pizzlin
She love my style, My game because it's so damn sizzilin

[Chorus x10]

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