Charlie Wilson

"My Guarantee"

I've been seeing you around
Something's got you down
I could never seem to figure out
Why a lady so pretty is always wearing a frown
I could turn that to a smile
Sit and talk with me a while
I could show you love, care, and concern
Give me a chance

I'll be your every answer
To all the hurting questions, lessons that kept you guessing
If you would just come to me
Give me all your attention
My love will make things better
And I bet you, if you let me, I'll make you happy, baby, please

Baby, just let me love you
I promise I'll look out for you
I'll be the man to spoil you, girl
That's my guarantee
Baby, just let me show you
I'll put in work just for you
When it comes to you, it's whatever, girl
That's my guarantee
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