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Charlie Wilson

"Bound 2 LeX Remix"

[Verse 1]

Why you gotta leave
With no words
For Sure
It hurts
I'm straight blurred
From the Blunts
No lines
Cause I ain't got time
To become
f*ck her
Till her back red
Now that
That's said
To all the b*tches who
Be giving wack head
I ain't astonished
You nails
Ain't polished
That pus*y
I'mma demolish
No bombs involved
Got a big di*k
To some wrecking balls
Swear when we
You gonna try to
Get up and fall
Above all
That pus*y Nice
Now go run and tell ya
You've been f*cked
By Christ
That pus*y
In the afterlife
This di*k'll have
Ya actin right
In spite of
Ya devilish ways
Hotter than than
The sun's rays
New Author of
The Book of Life
I rewrite
Sorcery passed
Passed down
From the sages
Of the old Ages
Can't contain
This outrageous
When my ass out
Ya lips
You better pucker
I'm the Greatest b*tch
Only n*gga to really mean it
Wen he say that sh*t
Always on some faded sh*t
And I ain't even get a cut
My Weed be
Fresh as f*ck
My semen
You can suck
Like gas
Then maybe you
Can get my cash
Let me stick
It in that ass
I might make
Another gash
For the stash


[Hook: Uncle Charlie]

[Verse 2]

Couldn't understand
Even with a thousand listens
I need that
Cruel Summer movie
Please sign the
Swear I'm done fishing
In this ocean
Of b*tches
Fairy tales
Are fictitious
Hard Rock Hotel
Walk in
With my di*k Out
Who trying to get
They back
Blown out
I need to
Bone Now
Sex is addicting
My favorite Drug
Hit the weed
Then suck my seeds
You my favorite Girl
I never had a Girlfriend
And b*tch you always
Have a boyfriend
Your statuses on
Make my face look
Like I just died
I always knew
Everything you said
Was a f*cking lie
b*tch I hope
You f*cking Die
You played
The wrong
f*cking Guy
Like you mixed a script
Now I ain't got
The biggest di*k
But I could
f*ck you right
Make you lose
Sight and
Throw up gang signs
It's Gang Bang Time
With my tongue
di*k, and fist
While I'm licking it
Cliterous glittering
Dark skin
Call you cinnamon
I get none
Like Girls
I just wan have fun
Couldn't get none
sh*t I still can't
Distilled chants
I'm drowning
I f*cking hate frowning
How you think
I'mm sounding?
I don't give
No f*cks
Love b*tches with
Big butts!!


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