Charlie Wilson

"Gold Rush"

[Verse 1: Charlie Wilson]
I love the take to our place
You ain't never baby
Yes explore our mains
You won't regret it
No second guesses
Trust your instincts
Use your senses babe

[Pre-Chorus: Charlie Wilson]
Ain't goin' be no sleepin' till we die
Let's explore the peak of didn't know
All this energy between us
Baby all I mean is what you want

[Chorus: Charlie Wilson]
Don't panic on 'em
It's a gold rush, gold rush
It's a gold rush
It's a gold rush
Let's not loose it babe

[Verse 2: Charlie Wilson]
Your expectations, I reach
You ain't gotta speak
I know what you engrave
You're so persuasive, illuminating
This ain't no dream, this reality-y-y
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