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Charlie Wilson

"You Got What I Want"

Yeah, this pimping stay open all night
Check this out Jelly roll...

[Snoop Dogg]
We do break hoes
We don't f*ck with fake hoes
Yeah, we make hoes
Strip down to they panty hose
Pop your whip, now grab that b*tch
Pimping Snoop ain't having it
Oh you like pus*y, congratulations
I'm trying to get your ass in my congregations
I keep three hoes in my room at one time
Two nickels and the other's a dime
You wouldn't wanna, keep a hood on her
When I'm dropping that motherf*cking wood on her
Cause I perform, a G like Warren
A n*gga getting paid off shooting porn
They call me the black folks President
Snoop Heffner mixed with a little bit of Doggy Flint
Banging this parliament, come get a bar with this
You would wanna be a part of this, oh b*tch ass n*gga
Quit playing with the ho, and let me borrow the b*tch

[Hook: Charlie Wilson]
You got what I want
Tell me if you want, just what I want
Cause I got, what you need
Baby if you need some, get it from me
Cause I got, what you want
I want you to want, just what I want
Just want, what I want
Ooh you got just what I want

[Goldie Loc]
Look mama make you hot like a corn to pop
And watch how fast you see a n*gga boxers drop
I'm trying to work it fast, but I know you like it slow
You know I got to bust a nut and hurry up and go
You got something that I want right now
Hurry up and let me put the black spot on the cow
Make the pus*y ball up like salt to a snail
And when I kill it big daddy, I want you to tell
Cause I don't give a damn when it come to freaking hoes
Call up forty hoes, and have a rolly peep show
And when you give me something, you gone want something back
This di*k to your mouth, little mama like that
Fish cost too much, so I feed her sardines
Man I'm the motherf*cking MVP of the team
Cold game how a n*gga steady spitting this sh*t
Make her mama jump back and say b*tch is a pimp


[Charlie Wilson]
Of course she love my nine
b*tch I got that antidote
Got a bigger di*k that'll crack your spine
Then I'm gonna let it inside your throat

Tricked out, kicked out get her on gone
Ludacris on the motherf*cking microphone
Heey, what's up I came to pimp
Fur hats and fur clothes, time to raise the temp
Biiiiatch, I got it made
Just pick one of my hoes, and I got it laid
You never heard as many b*tches so fast and frequent
"Can I get the ends?" Is this b*tch delinquent?
Run my bath water, cook my meals
And SHUT THE f*ck UP, when I book the deals
And iron my draws, give me cuffs and creases
It's your nephew come to f*ck your nieces

[Hook - 2x]

Gimme what I want
I got what you need
Gimme what I want
Yeah, yeah

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