Charlie Wilson

"If I Believe"

My life is a gift from you
Blessed from heaven, that’s for sure
So everyday I live give thanks to you
I haven’t been perfect but that’s ok
And you still show love my way, yeah
Please don’t leave me, stay
Cause I know

The sun doesn’t shine
The rain doesn’t fall
And there wouldn’t be a twinkle, twinkle, little star
And just like we have winter, spring, and summer, fall

I can always count on you
Because you never let me down
You’ve always been around, for me
And my trust for you will never leave
It will never leave
Cause you know my destiny
So I believe

Everyday my faith get stronger
Knowing you’re there, I hang on a little longer
Sometimes life gets a little hard, hey
Yeah, times are tough, so hard to bare
I get sometimes I feel you really don’t care
But when I open my eyes and look out the window
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