"Electric Funeral (Freestyle)"

Verse 1:

Strap in get a couple eyes on the scoreboard
This is not another lame award tour
I been slanging words with the warlords
I am everything and nothing nothing but the stuffing
Maybe you been f**king floorboards
If you huff and puffing bout the ring we stuck in
I can take you round the bend to Mordor
Please hold all the applause
Domination's getting dominating
But I ain’t really trying to bother satan
When he's probably waiting for my flaws
Wave riders get the same minus
Riding waves right into my jaws
See I'm like Kid Cudi on the job
See They like kids nutty with the bars
So I keep kicking them off
Ain’t nobody trying to see the god
Even when they try to leave me lost
They want me diving like I'm Eden Rock
But I will never let the meter drop
Here to rock it till your speaker pop
Causing Racket down in Floriduh
Wrekonize the rhyming Cory Gauff
Is that a veteran I'll take em off
I don't a give a f**k if they the boss
Had em praying to a pagan cross
Maintaining the same name I'm like Ving Rhames when I play the part
Not insane when they pin fame as the end game I just break it off
Cap a coda with the cadence locked
Tried to limit lyrics and they made it soft
So Benny's leaking all the table salt
Dead shot with the cable cox
Sent off with the navel popped
See life's a b*t*h for the oxygen
When she box me in I just ate the box
Yeah, i'm Flying freer than a bluebird
I don’t really know what you heard
But the mission’s always been to swerve
I'm on Nylon’s for the Paimon
Hereditary with the cool nerve
Off the head like Charlie Graham
I'm a menace tell me who do you serve b*t*h


Verse 2:

See Sevens on the record
Wrek is adding to the wrekollection
They been second guessing every second second
With a mecha checking on our every session
I got evanescence for those mega yessin
If you ain't been checking it's the best investment
Go ahead and bless him lord I’m so incessant
But I'm so impressive with the world I'm wrecking ahh
David Beckham when I'm kicking lessons
You are now regressing it's a sickened method
But I flip it fresh and see nobody want it so I effervesce it
Who the f**k you think you really pressure meshing
When you haven't even left the pressure testing
I'm the G-O-Deezy with the extra weapon
Any cipher calling no you don't let Wrek in no

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