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I shut it down the way that I'm supposed to do
Touch me n*gga? Your track record's 0 for 2
And before you see Supa get smoked in the booth
You'll see Dean Smith coming back to coach for Duke
We ain't gotta brawl I can find a fan that'll fight ya
That'll follow me to the end like Christ disciples
Who in their right mind would put money behind you?
Now who's worse? You or that dummy that signed you?
Or that idiot investor that funded your vinyl
None of you lame ass n*ggas want it with my crew
I can scream in a rage like I do when I drive
If I decided to blackout, who would survive?
And don't ask me dumb sh*t like, "Who gets live?"
It's quite simple, Supastition, QN5
Tell haters
We can throw on two pair of Everlast gloves
Spar to the death till neither one of us have blood

[Chorus] [Fresh Daily]:
To the top of the ink line
If you're inclined to spit rhymes begin to climb
To the height of the summit, the sights, the wonders
The plight of the plummet is all part of it all
Won't stoop to the low
Shoot for the stars or you'll never know how useful you are
The sky is the limit
Get high as you can get it and keep climbing to rise

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