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"R Love Songs Gay?"

Life is brief but when it's gone
Love goes on and on

[Intro] [Substantial talking]:
Yeah, so ahh...this is your boy Substantial here with my man Tonedeff. We've come to ask a serious question. You know it's been on our mind and ahh, we just wanna know from y'all man so ahh...Are love songs gay? Inquiring minds wanna know. We gon' do a little investigation. Let's talk about it. C'mon. Yeah

[Verse One]:
Please explain it to me
I swear I'm tired of pseudo tough guys complainin' to me
Okay let me see
It's clear I wrote a song for my misses right
You think I give a damn if it's the only joint you didn't like?
You actin' over zealous
I think these homie's jealous
Sorry, I don't dedicate songs to lonely fellas
So tell me how it's gay to write a song about my girl?
You suspect, that ain't how I'm rollin' in my world
And ruffnecks on Youtube spittin' for all dudes
Theis sh*t is sweet? Tell me what do they call you?
And in some of your rhymes you pause your own lyrics
We don't love these hoes but I love my n*ggas

Ayo. C'mon dawg. What are you doin'?

[Verse Two]:
Are love songs gay?
Or maybe y'all belong in a closet
Cause most of y'all rap sh*t is homoerotic
And most kick the rhymes to impress the guys
And then down the chicks, man y'all sound like di*ks
A whole lot of sword fightin', these jocks is sorry
The game has become a f*ckin' sausage party
Y'all can miss me with that
I ain't gettin' with that
Do your thug thizzle, I'mma keep spittin' my raps about
The strongest force known to mankind
The reason real folks around the world can stand rhymes
So call me 'soft' then kiss my ass
Cause after all my 'love rhymes' you can't kick my ass
I'mma rap about my woman till the cows come home
Worry 'bout your own rhymes, leave my style alone
That's that best said by the homie N.A.S
I'd rather be sucker for love than a sucker for death
Ya know

I'm just sayin'. Ya know. Just wanted to holla at y'all for a minute. Talk about this yanahmean? So are love songs gay? Me not tink so ya know? All that said though...happy valentines day mothaf*ckas

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