"Quit Your Dayjob"

[Verse 1: Bodypoppers]
Put some butter on my corn
Make it hot like the sun
Like an elevator going up my vein
Doing 80 in the carpool lane

Take the grease to the street
Make it bounce to the beat
Like a generator heating up the brain
Girl, you’re ready for the microwave

We’re the bodypoppers
We’re the bodypoppers
Move your body like us, We’re the bodypoppers
You can be a bodypopper too

[Verse 2: Tonedeff]
When it’s time to p-pop b-b-bodies we don’t s-stutter or stop r-rockin
We start moshpits
Gather a crowd when the soundsytem gets a little bit over the top
And snobs consider it loud and obnoxious
Flip through the crowd and we spin, it’s prepostrous
Mingling with hotties that got all these ridiculous knockers
People that follow us heat the metropolis
Leaving your job, to just be keeping it poppin like Redenbacher’s the moniker

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