"Philosophy Heals The Soul"

[Verse 1]
I remember when life began, back on an outstretch of fears
All the people I’ve known met and loved through my twenty-odd years
The peers that put pressure; backstabbers and lesser types of human beings I was seein'
I never thought I’d get old one day
Or ever think that I would say, “Let the children play”
But when the innocence is over, time will surely tell
If love exists or the reality of livin' was still just a spell
Swell were the days of adolescence
The time we spent together felt like only twenty seconds
But, I never knew how personalities changed
And learned that pain was just a way to know that things never stay the same
I guess it’s hard to except the way life goes
I figure that’s why they say philosophy heals the soul

[Verse 2]
Positive influences were difficult to receive
So I separate different folks for different needs
I wish I knew then what I know now
So I could separate which friends were true and which were foul
Too many people never knew me from the outside
What made them think that they could know me from the inside?
But there’s no doubt in my mind, that your mind is in time with mine
A diamond’s life is eternal, together we philosophize for the soul

It’s life and pain
It’s love and abstraction
It’s beauty and hate
And vice-versa

[Verse 3]
Minutes make memories, and you only live once
So you’d best to make your memories before the days and months do
I’ve made to many mistakes but were they worth the time it took to mend the effects in the end?
Now I take life slow, so that I don’t make the same mistakes…
Think careful and avoid the road of heartbreaks
Cause those were tribulatin' times
Rejected and neglected when I was wasn’t writin' rhymes
Too many judgments have been passed down
From the days of straight A’s to when I was the class clown
My first love in the summer of fantasy
And seein' things that were too much for a man to see
Being this figure so unsure I was glad to be
But never let dark clouds ever badger me
It’s so uncanny how the world wants to pass me by
While I’m underminin' all these things that make me wonder why
I want to reverse time ‘n go live in the past
And prayin' that this time just wouldn’t be like the last
I always ask myself the same questions…
Over and over, I find myself guessin’
But, the puzzle seems to double when the answer’s no
I guess that’s why they say philosophy heals the soul

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